Fog & Rain.

Sometimes, I absolutely love Rain. Today was such a day. And so I made my way to the Oderteich with a piece of Apple Pie to take some Fotos of the Fog and the Rain.

And it was cold at the Oderteich. It was really cold. Bu I still liked it a lot. The Oderteich is always awesome, even though there are a lot f dead, Beetle infested Trees in the Area.

The Road at the Oderteich.

I have been at the Oderteich many times before, but today I did something different. For the first time, I crossed the Road and looked at the Dam and its Spillway from the other Side, or the ‘Air’ Side as it is technically called.

And that Spillway is beautiful and very Rocky. I can only imagine it with Water rushing through, as the Teich is still quite empty right now.

And that is a shame, because I really want to see Water rushing down that Spillway. And I want to film that. Could look very awesome.

It is also why I welcome some Rain.

The beautiful Spillway.

I always love it to spend some Time at the Oderteich. Today’s Weather did not change that a bit. While it was very cold and rainy today, it was also one of my absolute favourite visits to the Oderteich. It definitely ranks in my Top 5.

Rain and Fog always look awesome in the Harz. They make everything look mystical and calm at the same Time. Off course I would have loved to avoid the cold, it was a small and necessary price to pay to get some beautiful Fotos.

And I also got a delicious piece of Apple Pie out of it. I definitely had better, but it still tasted very fruity and fresh. Apple Pie really is my favourite.

The Bridge over the Spillway.

The Fog also had the added benefit of obscuring all those dead, Beetle infested Trees at the Oderteich.

But the Bark Beetle is not the only thing causing that Mayhem. These last few years where also way to dry, and the National Parks refusal to remove the Beetle Wood also contributes. As well as the heavy Storms we had over the Years.

Fog over the Oderteich.

After a while I left though. The Rain was getting harder and harder, and I really did not want to risk my not-weather-sealed Camera.

Also, it was getting close to Dinner Time.

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