Resolution Panoramas.

WARNING: Ultra Technical Post ahead. Also longer than usual.

Usually, people use Panoramas to show wide Vistas in one Shot. And that is all good and well. I sometimes even do that myself.

But over these last few Days, I did a few Panoramas for a completely different Reason. My Goal was to create some super high resolution Fotos with a ‘normal’ Aspect Ratio of 3×2.

At the Talsperre.

For this Experiment, I used my trusty and beloved 50mm ƒ/1.8 Lens. And I used it in Portrait Orientation to get a wider Foto than what I would usually get with a 50mm Lens on APS-C.

The added Bonus was that I would get a ultra high Resolution Foto.

This first try only resulted in a marginally higher Resolution of 32.2 Megapixels (6955×4636). I only used 3 individual Fotos with quite a bit of overlap.

I also had to Crop out of an almost square Foto that I did not like to much. That was 6959 x 5568 Pixels. Hat Short Side is less than the Horizontal Resolution of my Camera, which s 6000 Pixels. That is because some miss-alignment Issues.

In the Woods. (7 Fotos)

Yesterday then, I tried to maximize the Resolution of some Fotos Panorama Style again. And this time, it worked really good.

I also discovered that Lightroom can ‘fix’ empty Corners caused my misalignment, but that just copies other Portions of the Goto into that Areas, so I probably won’t use that again.

For my first Try of the Day, I assembled seven single Fotos, again with some massive Overlap to help the Software, into a 12570 x 6292 Panorama which I then cropped to a Dimension of 9438 x 6292 Pixels. That is a massive Resolution of 59.4 Megapixels. And that is a lot.

The Road to Clausthal. (8 Fotos)

But I was not done yet. I had to create more.

And for this Foto, I had to wait quite a while to get it right. I just did not want to have any Cars in the Frame. And there were loads of Cars and Trucks driving past.

I am also not entirely happy with the Result. It looks good, but it is also not completely how I wanted it to be.

At least the Final Foto has a massive Resolution of 62.6 Megapixels (9687 x 6458), cropped out of a wider 11854 x 6458 File. And that is what I was after, after all.

Super High Resolution Fotos.

On the Road to Lerbach. (8 Fotos)

I then shot my final High-Res-Orama on the upper Serpentines going into Lerbach on my Way to the Gym. There were so many beautiful Orange Leaves on the Ground already, I just had to give it a try.

And while the Panorama of the muddy Road in the Woods definitely is my Favourite, I also really like this massive 9493 x 6329 Beast, that is a Resolution of 60.1 Megapixels.

And off Course I cropped it out of a wider 13939 x 6329 File. And that Cropping lost me around 28 Megapixels. Which is still more than the 6000 x 4000 (24 Megapixel) Sensor in my Camera. So I probably shot at least 2-3 Fotos to much for this one.

But that is okay, as I never could be really sure of how much Overlap I would actually be getter, as I did that all Handheld.

A normal Foto of the Road to Lerbach.

And after all that Foto-taking and Panorama creating, I still had Lightroom Export my Fotos at a measly 3000 x 2000 Pixels (6 Megapixels to save on Hard Drive Space, and most importantly on WordPress Space.

Also, I usually do not Print that huge. And even if I did, 60 Megapixels would probably be Overkill for most Applications.

One of the Full Resolution Exports at Full Quality is very large indeed. 84 Megabytes for the one on the Road to Lerbach, and still 60 Megabytes for the one of the Road in the Woods.

I have no Idea why the difference is so big though, as the Resolution Difference is just .7 Megapixels.

It was a lot of Fun creating these High-Res-Oramas anyhow, and I will probably do up it again at some Point. Maybe even in HDR?

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