Keeping a Travel Log.

I love it to Travel. It is always awesome to get to see Places you have not seen before and do Things you have not done yet. But this Year, travelling has become very difficult, if not impossible.

And so my old Journal has not gotten any new Entries, even I might just start one for Everyday/ Hiking Use.

On my last Trip to Hamburg. | December 2019

For me, keeping a Travel Log is an essential part of the Experience. I can write about what I have experienced and read about it later. I also really like it to reflect and draw inspiration from my previous Journeys.

Last December in Hamburg, I also decided to start a Tradition that I am hoping to keep alive on any possible future Trips. I got a Stamp from the Hostel I was staying at. I did not visit any Museums, but I would have asked for Stamps from them as well.

Collecting Stamps is a nice way of having a Piece of where you have been in your Journal without having to glue or staple anything into it.

Last Year in Rotterdam. | March 2019

Last March on my Railtrip during the Netherlands, I actually kept a Real Time Journal on a Day to Day Basis pretty much for the first Time. Before that, my writing was more inconsistent, and I sometimes took multiple Days before I actually wrote something about all the Days.

That Way, I was able to Reflect on what I had done a little more, but it also meant that things where not always as accurate as they could have been.

And sometimes, I even forgot to Journal completely. And I am still a little bummed about that.

Near Königswinter at the Rhine. | May 2018

I absolutely miss it to Travel and than write about in in my Journal and here. Sometimes, I really need it to see new Places, or even Places that I just like.

And I have not been able to do that in to long.

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