Today in the Rain.

Today was a busy Day. But it was also less busy than I had anticipated. But it was also a very Rainy Day. Just like it was forecast.

I still headed out to the Sösetalsperre after getting myself something to Eat and something to Drink.

At the Talsperre.

After having Lunch in my Car, I headed out to the Dam to get some Creativity into my System.

Even though the Weather really was exceptionally bad, that did not stop me. I even changed Lenses a few Times under my Umbrella.

And even though I also messed up my Camera Settings, I accidentally had the Exposure Compensation Wheel on my Canon M5 set to overexpose by just over one Stop, I think I did not do to bad.

The Waterline.

I absolutely love Bad Weather. In my Opinion, it makes way more fun to take Fotos when it Rains than in pure Sunshine. It is also more Challenging in adverse Conditions.

Off course, the same is true for Videography, only that the Effects are more immediately visible. Especially when your Camera can not shoot RAW Video.

My Camera does not shoot RAW Video. And I would probably even switch that off if it did. I guess that RAW Video takes up a lot of Storage Space, and that it also needs a lot of Power to Edit.

The new Nachsperre.

Over the last few Years, the Nachsperre, or the Downwater Dam, was completely rebuilt as it was in quite bad shape.

Now, it looks like they are finally done with that task. There was water in the Basin again, and the newly built Structures do look great.

Now I just have to wait until the Path above that Dam is open to the Public again to see the Changes up close and personal. I am exited for when that happens.

A closeup of the new Dam.

All I have to do now is finishing the Video that I shot and then upload it to YouTube.

That should be done by tomorrow.

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