My new Hiking Kit.

I absolutely love Hiking and Exploring Nature. I also enjoy collecting Harzer Wandernadel Stamps a lot. I only have 30, but there will be many more of those in my Future.

Up until now, I always had my Wanderpass and my other Gear in the plastic Sleeve of my Hiking Maps. Now only the Maps themselves and my Compass live in that thing.

My new Folder.

That Plastic Sleeve was getting quite full though. It also started falling apart at the Seams.

And so I got myself a Tactical Field Book from the same Company that makes my Backpack, Tasmanian Tiger. I even managed to get it in the same beautiful Khaki Colour-way.

It is quite larger than my previous Solution, but it is definitely better. And it is also way sturdier.

I also I stuck a German Flag Patch to the Velcro on it, because I am from Germany. It it would have looked kinda bleak without anything on the Front.

The Inside.

In that Folder, I carry my old battered Wanderpass and some Pens. I also got a waterproof Rite in the Rain notepad to replace the old Sticky Notes that I used previously.

That is because I actually like it to Hike in less than ideal Conditions lately, and I really do not want to loose all my Explorers Notes to Water Damage. That would be a real bummer.

And I got to try that today. It only rained really lightly though. But I had no Problem writing on that Notepad.

The Stormtrooper again.

While I was out in the Forest taking Fotos of my new Hiking Kit, I also took a few of that old Stormtrooper Keychain that lives on my Backpack. It is actually kinda fun to do that.

I always thought that Stormtroopers looks really cool in their all white Armour. Even though they ‘played’ on the wrong Side.

In the Forest.

Off course I had to go into the Woods to take Fotos of my new, super tactical Hiking Folder.

It was cold, wet and also windy, but really loved it. Bad Weather really is the best kind of Weather. It is so much more interesting than boring Good Weather. I also really dig the Challenges it poses when it comes to Photography.

*I have no affiliation with any of the mentioned Companies. All Gear was bought with my own Money.

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