Autumn in the WeltWald.

I absolutely love Autumn. But the Colours of the Season really do not seem to fully arrive here in Osterode. It is kinda sad.

So I decided to visit the WeltWald in Bad Grund today to see how the Situation is there. And it was so beautiful, at least on the Kanadaweg where a lot of typical Canadian Trees like Maple Trees are planted. And they where so Colourful.

In the WeltWald.

I had also decided to visit the WeltWald in the afternoon to avoid any possible Crowds, but the Parking Lots where still very full. Luckily, the Park is widespread, and I only encountered a handful of People on my short Loop.

The only Thing that was everywhere, at least on the Kanadaweg, where those awesome Autumn Colours. I have mentioned them before, but I also really do love them. A lot.

The only thing that could have been better today is the Weather. It was actually kinda grey all day long.

Some red Trees.

The second half of my short WeltWald Loop on the Birkenweg was marked by green Trees and very muddy Paths though. And I really like it when the Birch Trees change their Colour.

But I am pretty sure they will come around to doing that soon. I can feel it.

The hanging Bridge.

At the End of the Birkenweg then comes the Abenteuerweg with its hanging Bridge. And that Bridge is really adventurous and ultra shaky. It really is not that high above the Ground. The Deck was slippery from all the Mud and Rain though.

And that was pretty much the only adventurous Part of that Bridge. I still liked walking across though. It is a lot of fun just to swing around on it.

My Backpack with my Folder.

I love it to spend some Time in the Forest, and I also enjoyed my short Round in the WeltWald today. And I did that despite some very loud Children and even louder Grown Ups being there.

I understand the Kids, I probably was not that different when I was young. And I also got the Adults. They were there with Friends. But when you try to shoot some Video in peace, it can get annoying.

Some People were nice though and waited for Half a Minute so that I was able to get my Shot. I liked that.

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