Smooth handheld Video.

Lately, I really enjoy it to shoot some Videos in the Harz. But I also consider myself an advanced Beginner at most. There is still a lot to learn.

Because of that, I always considered a Gimbal to be a waste of Money. And for now, it is definitely going to stay that way.

But smooth Video is still important. And there are plenty of ways to achieve that.

You could always use a Tripod, but I really do not like to use those things. In fact, I absolutely hate it. Tripods are slow and they always get in the Way of my Creativity.

And when that happens, it really is a no go. That is also the Reason that I rarely use my old Steady Cam. It is just so heavy.

But then again, smooth Video is kinda important.

And that is where the Tricks that I learned come to play. I did not invent any of them, but they do work.

One of those Tricks is the the Sling Triangle. You use your Camera Strap, put it around your Neck and then put it under Tension by pulling the Camera away from you.

That does work very well, but having Image Stabilization in either your Lens and/ or your Camera definitely helps a lot.

It is also way easier to get smooth Footage when you Pan your Camera. It is definitely easier to keep a steady Hand in movement.

When you are holding your Camera still for extended periods of Time m it really gets shaky.

Another Trick is to use Wide Lenses for your Video.

Longer Lenses really magnify any Movements, even when you have Stabilization enabled.

When it gets to much, I apply some in Post, but that usually does not look to great and I try to avoid it as best as I can.

Beni the Stormtrooper.

I also really like it to take Fotos of the little Stormtrooper that usually hangs off my Backpack.

It also has a Name now. It is Beni. Beni the Stormtrooper.

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