Back to the Teufelsloch.

About one Year ago, I visited the Teufelsloch in the Forests of my Childhood. And I liked it a lot.

And since I am now trying to Create something, no matter how small it might be everyday, I drove to the Leege in Osterode and then walked back to the Teufelsloch once again.

The Apenke.

As a Child living in the Area, I played in the Forest and at the Apenke, a local Stream, with my Brother every day. Sometimes, we even brought some Friends into our Paradise. We had the best Time.

The Teufelsloch was always pretty much Off-Limits though, as it is actually quite Dangerous to get to the Thing.

Some Tree Tops.

The Teufelsloch is a Karst Spring that lies at the bottom of an old Sinkhole in the middle of a geologically active Karst Region. Parts of the Rock could break off anytime, taking massive Trees with them.

It is also a Nature Reserve, so it is not the best Idea to go off the posted Trails anyways.

Nature is important, and we have to take Care of it. And sometimes that means to just stay away and leave it be.

The Teufelsloch.

According to Legend, the Devil himself comes out of the Teufelsloch at Night to take a Bath in the nearby Teufelsbad. I do not believe in such Things, but I can also Imagine Brother Belzebub coming out of the greenish-turquoise Depth of the Teufelsloch in the Fog.

There was no Fog today, but it was definitely awesome anyways.

I absolutely love how the Water looks.

But not everything went smoothly today. When I left the main Forestry Road to get to the Teufelsloch, I slipped and fell down a very short hill. Everything is fine, but I was completely covered in Mud.

And I had my new favourite Jacket on. It cleaned off very nicely though.

On the Way back.

On my Way back to the Car then, I came past some Cows, Horses, the Teufelsschloss, which is actually a relatively new House and some very barky Dogs.

I then also visited my Grandma, who still lives in the Area with my Uncle.

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