In the Innerstetal.

Lately, I am trying to go out and Create something every Day. Sometimes, that really is not easy though.

After a quick Session at the Gym today, I had absolutely no Idea where to go to meet that Creative Goal. So instead of driving Home to Osterode, I decided to head towards Clausthal and drive down the Innerstetal in the Hopes of finding that Spark.

In the Innerstetal.

I did find it in a muddy Forestry Road. The evening Light looked awesome on the Trees and there was a blue Car parked near that Road. I really love the Look of blue Cars.

When I saw that Scene, I just knew I had to stop there or I would not be happy with anything else. And I have missed such opportunities in the Past.

The Innerstetal Road.

And I was creating. The Light changed so much, there was a new Scene unfolding every other Minute. I absolutely loved it.

But I also had forgotten my favourite 50mm Lens in my Car. On the Way back to grab it, I then realized that I could actually drive a little further into that Forestry Road, because the Do Not Enter Sign was just posted way back.

And so I did just that. Mostly to get some Fotos of the Car in a cool Location, but also so that I would not have to walk through the Mud again. There was a lot of it.

The Car.

I also did some HDR Photography for the first Time in a while. The Light was just so Contrasty, my Camera was unable to really Capture it all in one go.

I usually do not really like doing HDRs, but sometimes, there is just no real way around it. Luckily, my Camera supports Auto Exposure Bracketing, and I do not have to shoot in JPEG.

Beautiful Light.

The Innerstetal really is a beautiful Place. I actually kinda like it there. And while I spend way more Time at the beginning of the Valley at the Prinzenteich, I also like the Rest of the Innerstetal a lot.

But it could have definitely been less muddy. That was a little much.

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