A Day in Lübeck.

This Weekend, I travelled somewhere for the first Time this Year with my Family. Do not worry, we are Safe.

Yesterday, we arrived in Lübeck, but we pretty much just had Dinner and went for a short Walk. It was late when we arrived, and there was not much to do anyhow.

The Holstentor.

After Breakfast we then headed into Lübeck today, our Hotel is a little bit off beat, and first visited the Holstentor.

Around 12pm, we then started on a Amphibious Bus Tour. That was actually quite beautiful, but there was to much Tape Talk. And there were Seagulls played over the Speakers on Loop.

At the Trave.

Lübeck really is beautiful. Especially the old City Center has its own Charm. All the Houses are very crooked and unique. They also have their famous Uber Tall Facades, complete with fake Windows on the top Floors.

Off course, we also had some delicious Marzipantorte. I am a firm Believer in the Theory that you have to have Marzipan to truly experience Lübeck. It is Part of the City and its Culture.

A Brick of Marzipan.

We the had Dinner in the Schiffergesellschaft and drove to Travemünde for about half an hour. That was a little short, but it was dark and we were all exhausted.

Maybe we will go there again tomorrow.

There will be better Fotos Monday.

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