Yesterday, I had a great Time with my Family in Lübeck. Today was slightly different though. Today, we drove to the Baltic Sea to Discover Niendorf.

Back in the Day, my Mother spend many Holidays in Niendorf. My Oma has a lot of fond Memories of the Place, and since we went on that Trip as a Birthday Gift for my Oma, we also went to Niendorf.

The Niendorf Board Walk.

And while Niendorf is actually quite beautiful, I do feel that it is more of an Upper Class Holiday Place. There were a lot of big Cars, and Prices for Accommodation are very high.

But luckily, nothing of that concerned me today. Today was all about seeing that Place my Mother has visible many Times as a Child.

Some Fishing Boats.

Sadly, there where only a few of those tiny Fishing Boats I absolutely love in Port today. Maybe that is because the Season is over, or it was because they were all out doing their Jobs. But the few that where actually there were still very beautiful.

Luckily, we were still able to get some delicious Fischbrötchen. When you are at the Sea, those are pretty much Mandatory in my Opinion, but off course there are Exceptions to that Rule. I had shredded Salmon.

I also got me a printed Map, because I still collect those Things. And I always mark the Places I have actually been. And since I finally got a Refill, I can finally use my Space Pen for such Things again.

A Sea Bridge.

In the beginning of our Day in Niendorf, the Weather was very beautiful. But as Time progressed, it started to Rain of and on for a while.

And because of that, but also because we all have to Work tomorrow, we then left for Home around 3pm, where I arrived at 6pm.

I had an awesome Weekend Trip with my Family. It was really beautiful and also a welcome change of Scenery. I really needed this.

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