Last Weekend: Recap.

Last Weekend was beautiful. For the first Time this Year, I was actually able to Travel somewhere outside of the Harz. And I did so with my Family.

Last Year, my Oma got a Weekend Trip to Lübeck as a Gift for her 80th Birthday. But the still ongoing Pandemic meant that we were unable to go on that Trip when we had originally planned to in March.

A Block of Marzipan & the Holstentor.

Luckily, now that certain Measures and Restrictions are in Place, travelling within Germany is possible again. Off Course you still have to take Precautions, but you should do that every Day anyways.

But enough about that.

An old Fireship in Lübeck.

And so we set of to Lübeck last Friday. It actually took us quite a while to get there because of bad Traffic. But when we arrived, I immediately knew that I would like the Place.

When I first saw the seven Church Towers and the Holstentor from the Car, I had fallen in Love with Lübeck.

On the first Evening we pretty much only had Dinner and a short Walk though. It was already dark and there really was not much else to do. We had a little ‘Birthday Party’ at the Hotel though.

Near the Holstentor.

On Saturday, we then headed into Central Lübeck in broad Daylight. And the City was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined in the Dark.

Because we had some Time to spare, we first headed to the Holstentor. That is one of only two remaining medieval Town Gates that led into Lübeck back in the Day, the other being the Burgtor.

After a while, we then had an Amphibious Bus Tour. That was nice, but the Announcements and the Sea Gulls that were playing on Loop were not made that well.

From the Bus.

After that Tour, we walked around Lübeck, had some delicious Marzipantorte, and then walked around the City a little more.

In the Evening we then had Dinner at the famous Schiffergesellschaft. And that place really is not overrated at all. The Food was awesome, and the Grand Hall was very beautiful, albeit very dark at the same Time.

We also headed into Travemünde that Evening , but we only spent a very brief period of time there.

The Hafen in Niendorf.

After having Breakfast and then checking out of the Hotel this Sunday, we then headed into Niendorf where my Mom spent many Holidays as a Child with my Oma, Opa and her Siblings and many other People.

Personally, I felt that Niendorf probably turned more into an Upper Class Holiday Town in between the Years, but the Place definitely was very beautiful.

I also got to shoot some Video at the Hafen. I really love those little Baltic Sea Fishing Boats. They are just so beautiful, especially when they come in Packs.

The Niendorf Sea Bridge.

Off Course m we also had some deliberation Fischbrötchen in Niendorf. But since it really is not any Kind of Season right now with the Autumn Holidays just having wrapped up in Germany, it was actually kinda hard to get one. Not a lot of Places were open, but it was still quite full.

Overall, I had a really great Weekend with my Family. And I will definitely return to Lübeck one Day. There is so much more to see and do in the City.

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