Usually, Landscape Photography is done with Wide Angle Lenses. And those can produce some beautiful Results. But sometimes, there can be to much beauty in one Frame.

That is where Tele Lenses, like a 100-400mm Lens (about 60-250mm on APS-C) can help. Going long forces you to think about what is in Frame and what is not a little more. And that can be really awesome.

I have a 55-250mm Lens, that translates to about 90-400mm on Canon APS-C. It was also way cheaper than any normal 100-400mm Lens could ever be. And it is awesomely Sharp.

Details in a Landscape.

Tele Lenses can also lead to more abstract Landscape Fotos. And I really love those. There really is something about a beautiful Water Line Foto that I can not describe in Words.

Lens Compression can also look really good in Landscape Fotos. Things look bigger and more magnificent at those long Focal Length.

Compression in a Landscape.

Off course Tele Lenses also make it easier to get Fotos of things that you can not physically get to.

Sometimes, there might be a Body of Water in the Way. Or it might just be to Dangerous to go further. It might even simply be forbidden to do so.

In that Case, Tele Lenses can be your only Choice to get the Shot you want to get.

Shot across a Lake.

Usually, I prefer my Wide Angle Lens or even the 50mm that I sadly lost last Thursday for my Landscape Photography. And I originally got that 55-250mm for Motorsports Photography/ Formula Student and to maybe take some Portraits with it.

But after a while of using it in those Capacities, I then quickly figured out that it is also quite capable in the Landscape Realm. Since then, I have pretty much exclusively used it in that Niche.

And on the Flip-side, I used my 50mm for Motorsports Photography and got some of my favourite Fotos in that Field that Way.

A Wide Angle Foto.

Every Lens has its Purpose, but they can do so much more. After all, the Glass does not really care about the Light coming through. It is the Photographer making the Decisions. Nobody should tell you what can and can not do with your creative Tools.

Usually the Artist decides how he wants his Art to look. And Photography is just another Art Form after all.

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