I miss my 50mm.

Last Week, my Canon 50mm 1:1.8 STM fell into an old Sinkhole near Düna. I tried to get it back out, but to no avail. The Area was to Dangerous, and the Lens is in all likelihood completely destroyed anyways.

When I got my first DSLR for Christmas back in 2016, I first only had the Kit Lens. That was okay, but I wanted more from the beginning. So I got the 50mm barely a Month later in January 2016.

Shot with the 50mm.

Honestly, I did not really like the Lens back then, that was because I did not understand how to use it at first. I learned its Advantages quickly though and learned to love it a lot.

After a while, it quickly became my favourite Lens.

At some Point, it got a weird Bug Infestation though, and I forgot the Lens in the Freezer for a while. I had been told the Cold would kill off the Bugs, and it worked, but after that I did not really use the Lens for a while.

A Race Car.

During Formula Student 2019 in Czechia, I even used my 50mm 1.8 for some Motorsports Photography. And I think it actually did really good. The Track was way to close to use my 55-250mm Lens to be really useful. I had also left it in one of the Cars with my Laptop.

And so I decided to give the 50mm a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. It actually did a really good Job.

In the Woods.

After carrying it around in my Backpack for a while, I wanted to use the Lens on a Hike in Buntenbock. When I got it out of its Compartment, I quickly found out that the Lens-hood had shifted onto the Lens Barrel and had to be removed.

While doing that, I accidentally ripped the front of the Focus Ring right off the Lens, but it clicked back into Place, and after some Debris Removal the Lens worked perfectly again.

I fixed the Focus Ring in place with some Electrical Tape so that it would not fall off though. And from that Point on it was an Auto Focus only Lens. I had no Problem with that, as I usually do not use Manual Focus anyways.

Shot with the 55-250mm.

On my APS-C Camera, 50mm translate into an 80mm Field of View. And I absolutely love that Perspective. Sometimes, I find the 55mm at the Wide End of my 55-250mm a little bit to tight. In fact, I still do.

But I also find the Quality of my old Kit Lens at that Focal Length more than disappointing. After lying in my Closet for a while it also refused Focussing at all lately Weekend in Lübeck. I definitely have to look into that.

A High-Res Panorama shot with the 50mm.

I am really going to miss my old Favourite until I will be able to get a new one. Maybe I will wish one for Christmas. It is currently sold out at most Retailers anyhow.

But it will definitely be replaced. The 50mm 1.8 was played to great a Role in my Creativity to leave that Void unfilled. I will probably even get the same Model agin, as it offers the best Bang for the Buck sitting at around 115€ on Average right now.

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