Back at the Teich.

Today was a very grey and moody Day. I honestly did not want to got out and Create anything. But in the End I am very happy that I did not let the Weather deter me from my Plans.

After arriving back at the Prinzenteich, I started to Work on my first Project of the Day. I photographed something for a Post that will be going live over on FoodTribe later.

On the Way to the Teich.

I also started working on my secondary Project pretty much right away: A new Video for my YouTube Channel. And I think that part also went well.

It was very quite Muddy from all the Rain we had these past few Days though, and just like when I visited the Teufelsloch, I slipped in some Mud and landed in the Dirt. Not a nice Experience. Maybe I should pay more Attention to the proper Footwear on my next Forest Trip.

The Path through the Woods.

Today, I walked my usual short Round from the Parking Lot along the Teich to the Road and back to the Parking Lot. But today, I actually walked into the Woods and towards the Overflow of the Teich for the first time ever.

And there was a magnificent Waterfall falling down the Edge. It was loud and rushing and very beautiful. I had originally intended to use just one Lens, my 22mm ƒ/2.0 on the Shoot.

But that Lens was a little bit too tight for that Waterfall, and so I switched it for my 10-18mm just for that Scene. I &do believe that was the right Choice. It was also my only Choice.

The Top of the Waterfall.

There where also some stunning Autumn Colours at the Prinzenteich. While most Trees there are Evergreens, some normal Trees also call the Area their Home.

And that mix of Evergreens being Green and all the other Trees displaying their prettiest Autumn Dresses really looks awesome. It is the best Colour Combination there is in Nature. But that is just my Opinion.

I had a great Time at the Prinzenteich despite the Bad Weather and despite me Slipping and Falling in the Mud again. That really was no fun at all.

But there a few Things that I would not do to get the Shot.

Shot during the Fall.

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