Taking the Liebesbankweg

I absolutely love Hiking in the Harz. It is awesome to Explore Around and get to see Places. And it is even nicer when you get to show those Places to other People.

Today, despite the very grey Weather, I went on a Hike along the Liebesbankweg just out of Hahnenklee with my Family. It turned out to be a beautiful, yet also exhausting Trip.

The Mittlerer Grumbacher Teich.

Our Journey started at the Oberer Grumbacher Teich, one of the many Teiche around Hahnenklee and Part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal.

From there, we walked along some of the other Teiche to the first Liebesbank Sonderstempel. There were some quite steep Portions along the Trail, but I managed.

It was also very muddy in Spots, but that was also okay. I had my proper Hiking Shoes on, and my Mom lent me her Hiking Stick. I had forgotten my Pair at Home.

A Liebesbankweg Marker.

It was actually quite easy to stay on the Liebesbankweg, as there where either Signs on the Wayside or Markers painted onto the Trees.

After we had ascended the Bocksberg halfway, we then finally came across the real Stempelstelle Number 112. I already had that particular Stempel in my Collection, but my Mom did not.

But that did not matter today. All I wanted was to have some Fun and spent some Time in Nature with my Family.

A foggy Path.

On the second half of the Trail, we had to be a little more careful. It was quite foggy in some Places, and there are many Downhill Trails crossing the Path.

And you just do not want to stand in the Path of a speeding Mountain Biker. That would be just awful for everyone involved. There where actually quite a few of them, and also a lot of other Hikers. And that despite the Weather.

A Mountain Biker.

The Liebesbankweg also comes past the Stabkirche in Hahnenklee. But I had somehow smudged my Lens, and that Smudge ruined the Foto I took of that Church today. It did not look very nice without it as well though.

From the Church, our Hike took us over Bockswiese and past several more of the Hahnenkleer Teiche back to where we had parked our Car.

There where actually a lot of Streetlights on the Way to Bockswiese, and I can only imagine that Path to be quite Creepy at Night. Especially when it is Foggy.

A Bench in the Woods.

We were actually quite lucky when we arrived back at the Car today, as it started Raining quite heavily shortly before we did. But no one of us is made out of Sugar, so that was okay.

I was also quite happy when we did, as I was actually quite exhausted after our Journey through the Woods.

A lone Mushroom.

Hiking alone can be a lot of Fun. But Hiking with Friends and Family is even better, when you all are similarly Paced. If everyone walks at extremely different Speeds, hiking together is no fun at all.

Since I had forgotten my Phone at Home, there will be no Map available for this Hike.

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