Near Dammhaus.

Since Gyms are closed down once again, and I usually like it to go there after Work, I had to find something different for me to do. And so I drove to Dammgraben to reattempt the One-Lens Challenge I originally wanted to do at the Prinzenteich last Week.

And it actually went quite well. As it was already starting to get dim outside, I decided to use my 22mm ƒ/2.0 once again. I really do like that little Lens.

In the Forest.

When I parked my Car, I really thought that I had gone right into the Mud again. But this time, it was only wet Wood Chips left over from loading Logs into Trucks to be shipped overseas.

And luckily, that Stuff neither really sticks to anything nor is it that slippery.

But since I found the Street quite boring, I soon headed into the Woods on an old Logging Path. It was quite overgrown, but I managed to get through the thick of it without doing any damage.

The old Logging Path.

Driving up into the Harz from Osterode, the Sky looked very awful. But I was stuck behind a very slow Excavator for way too long, and the Clouds cleared quite a bit.

That meant that at least a few of those beautiful Sunset Colours came through to make the Autumn Colours in between the typical Evergreen Vegetation pop even more.

And it looked awesome.

Here in the Harz, it is actually quite hard to find Autumn Colours, since most mixed Forests where replaced with Spruce Monocultures so that the Mining Industry had enough Wood for Buildings, but mainly for shoring up Mineshafts back in the Day.

Autumn amongst the Evergreens.

Now about that Lens I used: My EF-M 22mm ƒ/2.0. On my APS-C Camera that results in an effective Focal Length of just a little over 35mm. And I really love the look of 35mm. It is neither to Wide nor to Tight.

Personally, I prefer to use the 35mm equivalent for Landscape Photography, but you can also use it for Street Photography really well. It is a little to Wide for my Taste in that Case though.

Framed by Trees.

Because of the very silent STM Focus Motor, the 22mm Lens is also very useful for Video. And its ƒ/2.0 Aperture makes for some nice Depth of Field.

That can look awesome in both Video and Landscape Photography, but it also makes for some awesome Portraiture.

But usually, I only use it for Landscape Photography deep in the Woods. There, the wide Aperture also means that I can shoot at lower ISOs. And while I am not afraid of using ISO 6400, the lower the Number, the better your Fotos.

I love the Woods.

I also used the Lens for a One Lens Video today, but I am not yet done editing that. Sometimes, those Things do take their Time.

But everything that is good requires some Work.

I think it will be done by tomorrow.

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