Trees & Cards.

I absolutely love Photography. And do think I know a Thing or Two about the Matter. I also really enjoy it to spend some Time in the Woods. That is always nice.

Sometimes, I support Projects that I really like on Kickstarter. There are some really cool Things on there sometimes.

The Schalker Teich.

The latest Projects I supported was a Deck of Playing Cards that doubles as a Photography Cheat Sheet by a Company called Travel9to5. Yesterday, those Cards arrived in my Mailbox. And they are really beautiful.

Even though I am probably not going to use them in their intended Role, I absolutely do love the Idea behind them and how those Ideas were executed.

There were many Versions to chose from on Kickstarter, but I ultimately chose the Waterproof Version. The Blue and Gold also looks awesome.

The Deck of Cards.

Today after Work, I headed into Festenburg just out of Clausthal to shoot some Fotos of the Cards. I also brought my little Aputure Light to have some Light on the Cards.

Some of the Fotos turned out extremely Dark in the Background, but I am definitely happy with my final Results. Even though I accidentally placed them upside down.

A Staircase in the Woods.

The best Things in Festenburg are the Schalker Teich and the beautiful Staircase leading down to it. Those are actually the Reason why I came back there in the first Place.

I especially like the look of that Staircase running through the Woods. It is just really beautiful. And it looked even better today than in my Memories from last December. Sometimes, Snow does not make everything better.

A small Stream.

On Top of the Staircase, there is a small Stream flowing through a Pipe under a Path so that it does not Flood both the Path or the Stairs. Today, there was a whole lot of Water in that Stream though.

I found it a little fascinating that it still was not overflowing. But it was definitely getting close to the Edge.

On Top of the Stairs.

I loved my little Photography Session in the Woods today. And I did not even mess up my new Shoes to much. Their are still mostly clean.

As for that Deck of Cards: I do not think I will be using them as a Cheat Sheet. But they are really nice Playing Cards as well. And sometimes, playing Cards with my Family is a whole lot of fun.

We also really needed some fresh Cards.

*I have no Association with Travel9to5. I just got their Photography Deck on Kickstarter.

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