I love Landscape Photography.

I kinda do like Landscape Photography. Actually, I like it a lot. Beautiful Vistas and deep seated Details are my thing.

And I has been that Way since I remember doing Photography. I also swayed into Cars and Portraits a few Times, but Landscapes always drew me back to them.

The Stairs in Festenburg.

Something about the Coexistence of Nature and Manmade Things just gives me a Feeling of Peacefulness and Serenity that I really want to Capture and show to the World.

And that is what Landscape Photography is, after all.

Showing People how the World looks where you are and from your Point of View. Everyone sees the World through their own Eyes. Every Foto is different, even though it might be Shot in the same Location.

At the Prinzenteich.

I personally prefer the more intricate Landscapes,but wide Vistas still give me the Gist. There is something to be had about a huge Mountain Range or a beautiful, wide Valley.

I even sometimes like the Flat Lands by the Sea. Even though I am definitely a Mountain Man by Heart, the Ocean is something beautiful as well.

A wide open Landscape.

Sometimes, I would love it to have more People in my Photography, but than again I usually prefer those Fotos where Nature mostly speaks for it self.

I would never edit out Manmade Features like Power Lines or the Like out of my Fotos though. I feel they belong where they are, and if I include them in my Fotos in the First Place, I had a good Reason for that.

I might just try out the new Sky Replacement Feature in Photoshop though, just to know how it Works. I kinda do find that Intriguing.

Sweden in the Harz.

The Harz is kind of a Prime Location for Landscape Photography the Way I do it. There are deep Forests with Tall Trees, but there are also Teiche and Streams and the Widest Vistas ever, if you know where to go.

You can really have anything here. But that also makes Photography less and more of a Challenge at the same Time. You can go Places that you already know Result in great Fotos and then the Challenge is to find a new Look.

Or you go somewhere new, then the Challenge is to find your Perspective in the literal Jungle of Views. I really do love that about the Harz.

Tall Trees in the Harz.

But sometimes, a Change of Colour would be Nice. And that is why I usually also love it to Travel.

Sadly, we are still in a Pandemic, and Traveling really would not be the Responsible Thing to do right now. Especially with the recent surge in Cases.

But one Day, when this is all over, I will Travel and do Landscape Photography somewhere Else again.

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