The Harzer Wandernadel

I really love it to Explore the Harz while Hiking through its Woods hunting Stempel. But what is the Harzer Wandernadel, you might ask?

I always knew of the Wandernadel System, and sometimes even collected some Stempel on random Pieces of Paper or on my Hands. But in 2018, I then finally got my Wanderpass.

My Wanderpass in its ‘new’ Folder.

I only ever got a single Stamp that Year though. And it took me quite a while to get some more.

It actually took me almost two Years to collect my first eight Stempel for my Bronze Wandernadel. And I go most of those in the End of 2019 and the Beginning of this Year.

Before, I never really appreciated the Harz. I liked it, but I never really spent much Time in Nature.

My latest Stempelstelle.

It then took me no Time to get from Bronze to Silver. I had caught the Hiking Bug, and in merely two Weeks I had collected the next eight Stempel that I needed.

And it was awesome. I saw so much Beauty and also learned quite a bit about the History of the Harz. Especially the rich Mining History of the Area was and is fascinating me.

But overall, I only had collected 16 of 222 Stempel that make up the Wandernadel System. So there were a lot more to be hunted down.

My golden Wandernadel.

My Hiking Performance then took a little Blow between the Silver and the Gold Wandernadel, but in May I was finally there. I collected Stempel 24 in Schulenberg.

But since we were just experiencing the Beginning of a global Pandemic, it took me a while to get the actual Wandernadel as I had to wait for Stores to reopen.

Since then, I actually have only collected six more Stempel. It was to warm in the Summer, and I also felt that it was kinda irresponsible to go where I guessed would be multiple People.

Last Weekend in Hahnenklee.

I still went outside to be in Nature, but I usually did that alone. And I also kept my Distance to other People as good as possible.

It is a long Way from Gold to Wanderkönig, and I still have to collect 20 Stempel to get there. But I think that should be possible given the current Restrictions. I am just not sure if it would be the responsible Thing to do.

All I know is that being Outdoors is good for me. I need to be in Nature from Time to Time to keep my Head clear.

One Day, I will get that Wanderkönig. And maybe even the Wanderkaiser. But I would need all 222 Stempel for that.

*I have no affiliation with the Harzer Wandernadel.

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