Maps are something great.

I really love it to Explore new Places and to Travel the World. And usually, digital Maps are all I need to find my Way.

But Printed Maps have something about them that I prefer. I do not really know what it is, but I love old school Navigation where you have to find the Road you are on yourself. Without GPS.

A Map of Lübeck.

Wherever I go, the first Thing I try to get is a beautiful Paper Map. I then mark off Places I want to Visit and also the Routes I walked along during my Journey.

It is cool to know which Places you have been and which Places you have missed and need to Visit another Time.

And yes, I can read those old fashioned Maps. It is actually not that Hard to do.

Maps in Cologne.

Printed Maps come in all Shapes and Sized. But they all have one Thing in Common: Folding them back up can be a Nightmare. Even I have had a few quarrels with resisting Maps.

I really do not like that Aspect of the Maps. I also kinda dislike the Waste Aspect, but I never throw out any of my Maps. I reuse them should I ever return to a Place.

A Subway Station in Hamburg.

Not to brag, but I am one of the few People in my Family who can actually read Subway Maps.

And that really is not that hard to do. You just have to follow all the colourful Lines and connect at the Dots. It is actually quite easy.

Above Lerbach.

I also have my Hiking Maps it’s me pretty much always. But I have not yet used them, as my Phone always has Battery when I am out in Nature and have actually remembered to bring it with me.

Over all, I really love Printed Maps. They are awesome. They can not run out of Juice, because there are no Batteries in the First Places. And usually,, you can mark off the Places where you want to go or where you have been with a Tool as simple as an ordinary Pencil.

And that is really useful when you travel somewhere.

In the Harz.

The only thing I really do not Like is the theoretical Wastefulness of Printing Maps that few People still use.

But I usually do not count that against Maps, because I usually see a ton of People using them. And I would miss a big Part of the Travel Experience if they were gone.

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