Around the Talsperre

Last Sunday, I walked the Liebesbankweg in Hahnenklee with my Family. Today, we did a Round around the Main Reservoir at the Sösetalsperre.

We started our Journey quite late in the Afternoon, around 2 pm. It took quite a while to get a Parking Space, because there were actually quite some People around.

A beautiful Benz driving by.

At first, we actually made steady Progress towards the Main Dam. There was some Mud on the Path, but it was actually not too bad. In Fact, most of the Way was nice and Dry.

And the Views were awesome and plentiful. I do love a good Landscape, and the Sösetalsperre offers many opportunities.

There is some Forest, some flowing Water and the Reservoir itself. Off course there are also quite a few Paths in the Area. It really is quite beautiful, especially for Hiking.

Framed by Nature.

There also were some of those beautiful Autumn Colours still there. And I absolutely do love Autumn Vibes. They really are the best.

At the Part of the Trail that is closest to the Dam of the Sösetalsperre, there are actually quite a number of informational Signs about Forestry, Hunting and Waterworks. So you can actually learn a little while Hiking through the Area, if you want to.

Today, I only looked at one or two of those Signs though. We still had about half our Journey to go, and Sunset began to draw closer and closer. Here in Osterode, it is dark at 5pm already.

One of the Signs.

After just under one and a half Hours, we then arrived at the Main Dam. I have been there before countless Times, but I never actually Hiked there from the Pre-Dam, where we had started our Journey.

I still like it there, but we only spent a very short Time there. We still had just over five kilometres to go, after all.

We did get some Coffee and Bratwurst though. Except for me. I really do not like Coffee, and I also was not hungry at all.

Some Machinery on the other Side.

On the other Side of the Dam, going on got pretty tough. It was extremely Muddy, and the mostly flat Path had given Way to a hilly, sometimes quite Steep terrain.

I managed to get through most of it, but we had to take a little Shortcut along the Road that Leads from Osterode past the Sösetalsperre to Riefensbeek.

But People here in the Harz usually drive fast and not always exactly in their Lane. So we Left the Road again after just one bend and headed back into the Woods.

Sunset through the Woods.

When you explore Places by Foot, you can easily find things you never knew where there. Like the little abandoned Quarry we stumbled across today. It was actually quite beautiful.

It was also one of the last Fotos I was able to take today. It was getting Dark fast, and I did not want to fall somewhere and smash my Camera. So I put it away.

And that was a good Idea. Because I stumbled on something in the Dark and almost fell down the embankment onto the Street.

The Quarry.

After a while, and some more Mud, we then made it back to the Car and drove back to Osterode.

I had a great Time hiking around the Sösetalsperre with my Family, even though I was really exhausted and dirty in the End. We really had a great Day today.

I still love it to Explore the Harz and Hike through the Area. It really is the closes thing to Traveling one can currently do. I love both those things during normal Times as well, but right now Hiking seems more responsible.

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