At the Okertalsperre.

The Harz is extremely Beautiful. I absolutely love this Area of Germany to bits. Today, I visited the Oker between Oberschulenberg and Mittelschulenberg, or just before the Okertalsperre.

Up until now, I always only drove past the Area or went Exploring on the other side of the Road. So I really did see something new today.

The Road from Clausthal to Schulenberg.

The Streams I walked along where the Schalke and the Lange, and according to Google Maps, I would have stood right in the Outskirts of the Reservoir, if there would have been more Water in it.

But the Okertalsperre is just about 36% filled. So there really was not that much Water, except for those two Streams of Course.

But it was still very beautiful. The Sound of flowing Water has a calming effect on me. It really lets me ponder in Nature and reflect on those Things that I still want to achieve.

The Lange flowing along its Path.

I also climbed down a Path that Leads into the Talsperre. Do not worry, there was no Sign prohibiting me from doing that, and the Okertalsperre is not used for Drinking Water anyways.

When there is enough Water in the Reservoir, there is even a Ship driving around on it.

And going there was definitely the right Choice. There are Grasslands and Streams and Trees on the Sides of the Valley. I absolutely love it.

A Bridge in the Valley.

After spending some Time there, I continued on to Mittelschulenberg to see if there was any more Water in the Okertalsperre there. But off course it was still very Empty. I just did not know how Empty the Reservoir was when I actually was there.

In Mittelschulenberg, there is another Stream flowing into the Okertalsperre via a Pipe under the Road. It flowed out of there with much vigour! It is called the Riesenbach.

But a few little Streams can not fill a huge Talsperre all at once. That takes some Time.

The Riesenbach flowing into the Okertalsperre.

Since the Sky was very much blown out in the Foto above, I actually tried out the Sky Replacement Feature in Photoshop for the first Time. I think it works well, but I also will not be using it to much. It still kinda feels weird to me to do such Things.

The Main Road near Schulenberg.

It really is true: You see more of the World when you leave your Car at the Side of the Road and Walk around for a while. There are so many beautiful Things you just can not see from behind the Wheel.

There are even Areas that you can only reach on Foot! Either because there are no Roads, or because those Roads are off limits for ‘normal’ People. I mean things like Private Roads and Forestry Roads.

And the the Landscape Photographers Honour Code says: You shall not Trespass. At least not with a Motor Vehicle. Those really can do some Damage to Nature. For example by sparking Forest Fires.

There was actually a Warning Sign at the Parking Lot where the Schalke and the Lange meet.

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