My usual Camera Settings.

Landscape Photography is awesome. I really love being out in Nature, Exploring around and taking beautiful Fotos at the same Time.

But I am pretty sure that I do things quite differently from the ‘proper’ Landscape Photographers. For Starters, I rarely use Tripods, because I generally despise using Tripods.

A beautiful Tree.

I guess that the ‘proper’ Photographer works only in Manual Modes, at least that is what I hear in several Facebook Groups. Apparently, even Auto ISO seems to be a Crime.

And I have a lot of Settings set to Auto. Like the ISO, Shutter Speed and usually also the White Balance. Even though I lately have that set to Cloudy most of the Time.

But since I use Aperture Priority, or Av on my Canon, I usually get away with all that Scot Free. Actually, it works quite well for me.

A Path.

But what I guess would really trigger some Landscape Photographers is that I use Auto Focus. I am just not good using Manual Focus, and I also just do not find it that ‘fun’.

Also, I believe that modern Auto Focus Systems like Canons Dual Pixel AF are really good and do not need to hide behind anything. Especially not my awful Focussing Skills.

I do select my own Focussing Point though. Otherwise, my Camera would just select the closest Thing. Or it would see face where there are none. That has happened to me before.

Foggy Woods.

Since I despise using Tripods, I also do not use any kinds of Filters in my Photography. Except for when I am actually using my Tripod. But that only happened once in the Netherlands.

I guess that I will have to use my Tripod more in the near Future though, as I really want to try using Circular Polarizing Filters. I dislike Tripods so much nowadays though, that that might just never happen. But who knows.

A logging ‘Road’.

So yes, I use Aperture Priority, Auto Focus and Auto ISO in my Landscape Photography.

I also use neither Tripods, because I really do not want to, nor Filters, because those generally require the use of a Tripod.

And I do not really think that would Change. Even if I would change Cameras or Systems.

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