The Flambacher Teiche.

After getting my Hair Cut today, there was still a lot of Time left in the Day. So decided to go to the Flambacher Teiche for the First Time in my Life.

I had been on the Parking Lot from where you get to the Teiche quite a few Times already to eat something and just sit there, but I never actually visited the Teiche before

The Road to the Teiche.

The Flambacher Teiche are located between Buntenbock and Clausthal, just opposite the Hasenbacher Teich. And I have been there a few Times already.

So it really was about Time to visit the Flambacher Teiche. Off Course, those are also Part of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, and as that a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And they are actually very quite beautiful. I love Nature and Teiche.

The oberer Flambacher Teich.

There are actually three Teiche in the Area: The Oberer and the Unterer Flambacher Teich, as well as the Semmelwieser Teich.

My route today was quite Complex, and I did a lot of Backtracking, but essentially I visited the Semmelwieser Teich first and then walked above the Dam of the Oberer Flambacher Teich and then around the Unterer Flambacher Teich.

Again, the Area is very beautiful and full of Heritage. I really do love it to Learn about the History in the Harz.

The Semmelwieser Teich.

On the Way to the Unterer Flambacher Teich, I found something really Interesting in the Woods. I think it was an old abandoned Shelter from a Survival Course that sometimes takes place in the Area.

It was really falling apart, but it dis still look very cool. I think it once was a really good Shelter. Or at least that is what it looks like.

I also god surprised by a Dog Walker I had not seen approaching despite their Orange Jacket. In Fact, you could say I was startled.

The Shelter from afar.

After that Discovery, I the crossed the Dam of the Unterer Flambacher Teich. From there, I had to Choices of how to get back to the Car.

I could have walked past the Flambacher Mühle, but that would have ment walking along the Access Road for a longer Time.

So I chose to go back to the Semmelwieser Teich, go across its Dam and then head back to the Car along the Access Road. But I had to go along there for a shorter way then with the other Option.

The Unterer Flambacher Teich.

I had a great Time at the Flambacher Teiche today. And I also learned quite a bit about the Mining Heritage here in the Harz again. And there is a lot of Mining Heritage here in the Harz.

And what is better than doing all that in Nature?

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