Do something New.

Yesterday, I visited the Flambacher Teiche for the first Time. I did something new and exiting.

And that is a good thing. You should do something you have not yet done every once in a while to broaden your Horizons. Even if you just visit a Place you have not been before. Sometimes, that is enough.

Yesterday at the Teich.

Exploring new Places is always nice. I absolutely love it to learn new Things and see all kinds of Stuff, especially in Nature.

That is also why I generally love it to Travel. Going on a Journey means to Discover new Places and Explore different Things from those you have at Home.

It is a privilege to be able to Travel that pretty much no one has right now because of the still ongoing Pandemic. But I do believe that we will make it through these doubtful Times, if we Work together.

A while ago in Lübeck.

Traveling is not the only way to do new Things however. You could buy a new Drink at the Supermarket. I am quite fond of a Virgin Moscow Mule now.

You could also learn something like Leather Craft. I made a little Card Wallet a while ago, and I will make a second one once I have new Leather, and better Tools for making Stitching Holes than an old Nail.

Whatever it is you have been holding out on for a while, because you had no Time, or because you really did not want to spend the Time on it, now is the perfect Time to go ahead and learn something. And yes, I know that I have used the Word ‘Time’ a lot in this Sentence.

Sweden | August 2018

I have also started to learn a new Language: Swedish. I am not really good at it, but I can write a few Sentences and understand a few more.

As a Child, I visited Sweden pretty much every Year with my Family. But that Tradition kinda died down over Time. The last Time I have been, I was visiting a few Friends back in 2018.

Maybe I will visit them again once this is all over. And maybe I can surprise them by speaking their Language a little.

In the Woods.

I really think it is important to do new Things and learn new Skills every once in a while.

That can be a lot of fun, but it is also a very humbling experience when you realize that you really are not that good a few Things.

And I really do need that every once in a while.

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