More Teiche.

Last Friday, I explored around the Flambacher Teiche by myself. I had a great Time. Today, I hiked around some other of the Buntenbocker Teiche with my Brother. And that was better.

Our Journey started when I got picked up by my Brother in Osterode. We then headed into Buntenbock and parked the Car somewhere so that we could start Exploring the Area on Foot.

At the Ziegenberger Teich.

Our first Stop was the Ziegenberger Teich with the little Swedish Hut right at the Shore. I have no Idea, who built that Hut or who is the Owner, but it is a beautiful little Building. I absolutely love it.

The Harz has so many facets to its Beauty, you can find something stunning pretty much anywhere you look.

And some, you could actually believe that you are somewhere else entirely. Like in Sweden. Or in Canada. That is the Beauty of Nature. It does not Care about Nationalities or things like that. It is just there.

He Ziegenberger Teich the Bärenbrucher Teich.

From there, we continued on to the Bärenbrucher Teich. I could have collected a Wandernadel Stempel there, but I already have that one, and each Stempel only counts once.

We had already crossed the Dam of the Teich, when we figured out that we should have walked down the Side of it at the Stempelstelle. And so we backtracked a little and continued on our Way.

A Stream.

On the Way, we had to cross a little babbling Brook, so I was very happy that I had brought my new Wellies. The Water was quite cold, and it definitely would not have been fun to get it into my Shoes.

I almost got it into my 10€ Wellies though. The Water came to within ten Centimetres of the Top.

The only challenging Part of that Brook was getting out again though. That was actually a little climb.

The beautiful Teich.

The Ziegenberger Teich is even more beautiful from the other Side, opposite the little Swedish Hut.

On the other Side, there is no Road, but only a small, winding Path through the Woods. I really do love such Paths that take you right through Nature. They are the best.

A simple Bench.

Off Course, the Teich was over after a while, and we returned to walk on a beautiful, wide open Field of Grass. That was rather good though, as the Sun had begun its descent, and it was starting to get Darker.

Luckily, our Journey was drawing to a Close at that Time. We only had to walk past the Sumpfteich and than a little bit along the Graben and back to my Brothers Car.

I did not take any more Fotos though. The Light really was not giving me anything desirable anymore.

The Ziegenberger Teich.

I had a jolly good Time Hiking around Buntenbock and Exploring the Area with my Brother today. Family is the most important Thing we have, and I love it to be able to spend some Time with mine.

Being able to spend Time in Nature with my Family is even better in my Opinion. I absolutely love it.

I will always love it to Explore Nature by myself, but having a Mate, or your Brother, with you is always better.

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