Trains – Slowly Exposed

I really love Trains. One could definitely call me a Train nerd. Sometimes, I also do like Long Exposure Photography. And the Combination of both can look very beautiful.

In Fact, it can look so beautiful that I am even willing to break out my Tripod for Train Long Exposures. And I really do not like using Tripods.

Hohenzollernbrücke Köln | 2018

Right now, I am in Mönchengladbach for a Job Interview. But since it was already dark when I arrived here, the only Photography I was able to do was Long Exposure Photography.

Since my Hotel sits right next to the Rails leading into the Mönchengladbach Central Station, I right away thought to Photograph the Trains pulling in and out of there.

Because I have not actually brought my Full-Size Tripod though, I used my mini Table Top Tripod. I actually do love that little Thing. And yes, I know that means I have double Standards regarding Tripods.

A Train in Mönchengladbach.

Back in 2018, when I visited Cologne for Photokina, I actually shot my first conscious Train Long Exposure. Back then, I did not use any Tripod at all, not even my Miniature one.

Instead, I used a Railing. But I also had to go through several Exposures, because that Railing vibrated heavily when there was a Train on the closest Rail.

I am still extremely Happy with my final Result of that Foto Session though. It turned out absolutely stunning in my Opinion.

And it is the one Foto that turned me on to Train Long Exposure Photography.

Köln Hauptbahnhof. | 2018

Since then, I have learned a few Things that you really have to plan around when Shooting Trains.

One Thing is that you really should look at the Train Schedule. Otherwise m you could definitely wait very long until a Train that you might like appears.

Light is also very Important, as with all Photography you can do. The Sky should not be too Dark, and Passenger Trains are your Friend. Freight Trains are just to Dark for Long Exposure Photography. At least if you want to have nice Light Trails.

A ‘normally’ Exposed ICE. | 2017

In Daylight, my favourite Train, except for Canadian Freight Trains, is the German ICE 1/ ICE 2. They look very awesome in my Opinion.

At night, I really prefer the red Double Decker Regional Express though. It leafs two distinct, beautiful Light Trails from its two Rows of Windows.

They also leave a faint reddish Glow behind. And I absolutely love that.

You should always stay of the Train Tracks, but they are especially dangerous at Night. The Dark swallows a lot, and Train Noises get even more silent in the middle of the Night.

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