At the Rhein.

After todays Job Interview in Viersen near Mönchengladbach, I had a very long Journey ahead to get home.

My Way there would lead me past the River Rhein though. And I just had to stop for a Moment and take in the Scene in Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf Skyline.

I have been at the Rhine before, in Köln. But you should never tell that to anyone from Düsseldorf, where I have been for the first Time today.

There is kind of a petty Rivalry going on between the two Cities. There are many Reasons why that still goes on, but I am pretty sure no one knows why it started.

Right now, I kinda prefer Köln. But I have only been to Düsseldorf today, but that might change some day. Who knows?

The Rhein.

I have always loved Water. Weather it being Lakes, Teiche, Oceans or, as in this Case, Rivers. Water for me always conveys a Sense of Calm, even when it really is not.

I also really like Boats and Ships. I just love to see them going by, imagining where they might go or where they came from.

And that is really not much different on the Rhein. Except for today. There really were only a handful of Boats steaming along, and I got a little annoyed because I wanted to take Fotos.

A Ship on the Rhein.

In the End, I was able to Capture a few Shots that I like, but it took a lot of Patience.

After a while at the Rhine, it then started to Rain really hard for a short while. And since I still had to get back Home, I decided to head off.

Another Ship.

It would take me almost 5 Hours from Düsseldorf back Home to Osterode. Traffic was bad, and the Weather really was not good. I also had Dinner on the Road though.

It rained a lot. And I really do not like it to drive in the Dark when it Rains. Oncoming Headlights can really blind you in those Conditions.

I made it home safely though.

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