Sunset in the Woods.

I love Sunsets. I also love it to be in the Woods. Today, I got both. Except for it was only a beginning Sunset. It still looked great though.

I was near the Prinzenteich again, where I have been a lot of Times to do some Photography. And I usually like the Fotos I get in the Area. Today was no different.

Sunlight filtering.

The Light of the Sinking Sun filtered through the Trees very nicely. It looked even better in Person. Somethings just do not come across on a Screen. Like Smells, and Atmosphere.

Overall, I really do like the Fotos I took today though. The Spruce Monocultures with their really tall Trunks actually helped me taking the Fotos. I am still not a Fan of Monocultures though.

But because there are few Branches and even less Leafs, the Light is able to go through the Trees really easily. And it throws awesome Shadows.

A Copper Mug.

But shooting the Setting Sun was not actually the Purpose of me going to the Prinzenteich. I had gotten a set of beautiful Copper Mugs to make some Moscow Mule in and wanted to photograph those.

I just noticed the most awesome Play of Light and Shadows when I was actually about to leave and go back Home.

But when I saw what I saw, I just had to stay a little longer. The Light was fading quickly though, and after just about 10 Minutes, the Woods were way to Dark/ Unlit. So I headed Home.

Lit Trees.

Spending some Time in the Woods is always awesome. Forests are are great Place to Ground yourself and reconnect with Nature.

And sometimes, we really should do that

Nature is paramount to all Life on Earth , and we need to take better Care of it. Together. And we all can start by simply taking our Trash with us when leaving Places.

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