Golden Hour

Golden Hour can be very beautiful… when the Conditions are right. But shooting only during those Times would be very limiting, and quite boring indeed.

Off Course it is still beautiful, but it is also not usually meant for me.

Golden Hour-ish in the Woods.

Yesterday, I had some beautiful Golden Light in the Woods. It looked awesome, and I just had to Capture the Scenery for a while.

The Light also looked very awesome on my shiny new Copper Mug, but only when I was Sitting in the Car and the fogged up Windows kinda acted as a soft Diffusion Box.

After a while, I got bored of the beautiful Light though. There was something to shoot every few Metres, with no real Challenge to it.

A Bench in Golden-ish Light.

And I usually prefer the more Challenging Light Situations. They tend to keep me more interested in what I am shooting.

Except for when they cause Lens Flares. I really hate Lens Flares, except for when I am shooting Video. Then I really love Lens Flares. They just look better with some Motion Parallax.

But that applies to me in any Light, Golden or not.

A fiery Sky.

The biggest Problem I have with Golden Hour Photography is that it can look pretty much uninspired very quickly in my Opinion.

Some Photographers seem to go out just because of the Light, and you can definitely see that in their Fotos.

They Think that the Light is everything, when it is clearly not. Fotos still need some kind of a Story or fit into some Kind of greater Context. Some might accuse me of not having that in my Fotos, but my Story is being Outdoors, and the Context is Enjoying Nature.

Blue Hour.

Personally, I prefer the transitional Period between Golden Hour and Blue Hour, also known as the Twilight Zone. The Sky has a beautiful Gradient, and it looks better than Plain Gold or Plain Blue.

But even that can be heavily over used. What makes Photography interesting is a Mix of Lighting Conditions.

Life would be boring if everything would be the Same, and so would be Photography.

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