Fog & Snow.

Today was a foggy Day. But I only found that out once I had arrived in the Harz to the sight of Soup and some Snowy Remnants. It was also very cold.

But it also looked very beautiful. Fog and Landscape Photography are kinda like some old Friends that once in a while meet up and have good Times.

So Foggy.

Fog obscures Things from view, but it also enhances other things. A Branch that might be nothing special otherwise might stand out when all the other Branches are just not visible.

Especially in the Harz, Fog also makes the Place just that little extra Mythical. We have all Kinds of Legends and Lore involving Witches, the Devil or other Magical Beings, and I can definitely see where those Stories came from when it is super Foggy.

People back I. The Day sought to Explain strange Occurrences, and maybe one Day a Stranger riding through the Fog became the Devil coming out of Hell over Time.

Some Snow.

There was also a little Snow in the Trees and on the Ground, but there was nothing left of it on the Road. And that is good, I still need to get some Winter Tires.

It did look quite beautiful though. But I am also pretty sure that this first Snow here in the Harz will be gone again sooner than later. There is more Rain than anything else forecast for the next Week.

But that is what is supposed to happen in Winter: Snow, and also Snow sticking around for a while. Maybe we actually will get a good one this Year, like I have heard on the Internet.

Snow & Fog over Buntenbock.

In the Harz, I also realized that it was freezing Cold though. I had my Puff Coat on, but under that all I wore was a Poloshirt from Work. Apparently, that was not enough.

I also had my favourite little Toque in my Pocket, but I had forgotten about it and thus did not use it. I just realized that it was there when I was looking for my House Keys back Home actually.

Usually, I actually like the Cold. I definitely prefer it to the Heat. But today, it was just too Cold. That can also happen, but it is also a big Part of that Season we call Winter. Or at least it is supposed to be a Part of Winter.

A muddy Road.

I absolutely did love the Combination of a littSnow and a lot of Fog today, but only because there was little Traffic, and there was actually no Snow on the Road.

When there is a lot of Snow on the Road and it is also very Foggy, driving is very Dangerous and no fun at all. Especially since People here in the Harz, especially those who do not know the Local Roads, tend to drive like they are in the Rallye Monte Carlo.

I really do think a People should drive more carefully, or at least according to the Road Conditions.

Snowy Grass.

The Harz was really beautiful today, shrouded in mystical Fog and little dusted with a handful of Snow. And even though it was really Cold, I did enjoy the short Time I spent in the Area.

The Conditions where Right today, and that does not happen all to often.

I also used my original 18-55mm Kit Lens again because I kinda felt like it. And that happens even less frequently. But my 55-250mm currently suffers from a Stuck Aperture, and I am not sure of I will be able to get that fixed. But maybe I will.

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