Bring Batteries.

I really love Photography. I also love my Mirrorless Digital Camera. But there are two things that can totally ruin the Experience. Cards and Batteries.

Today, I was out trying to take some Fotos for FoodTribe. I had everything with me. My Props, a few Lenses my Camera with a SD Card in it and even a Battery. I thought I had it all.

My Camera & some Lenses.

Apparently, I had totally forgotten to switch my Camera off yesterday evening, after playing around in the Fog, and the only Battery I had with me had run dry over Night.

My other two Batteries were also empty and charging on my Desk. So I had absolutely no way to actually bring Life to my Camera for the Fotoshoot I had planned.

I ended up using my Phone, and the Fotos do work for my use case. This Time around. It could have been worse.

In the Harz.

I could have driven out to a nice Spot, Hiked out a bit, and then realized that I would not have been able to Shoot properly. My iPhone 11 is good, but it definitely is not a real Camera Replacement.

Especially not in the Conditions I usually love to work in. In the middle of the Woods, where my Camera already raises the ISO quite a bit, the Phone struggles to get Results that I am happy with.

It is not impossible to get beautiful Fotos, but is is harder. And harder Things are always less fun. Also, I would really miss the Eye-Level Viewfinder. I really do love that Thing.

At the Rhein.

But even a Phone is a worthless Camera when the Batteries are dead. Nothing works without Juice nowadays. And that is no bad Thing, if you have the necessary Batteries with you.

And those Batteries will not do you any good when they have run Dry. So make sure you have charged Spares with you when you go out shooting. It will save you a lot of Headaches.

Also, make sure you have spare Memory Cards, in Case yours are filling up and you can not, or forgot to, offload all your pretty Fotos.

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