Along the Söse.

These past few Weeks, I have always been out Hiking with my Family on Sundays. Today was no different.

Today me, my Brother and my Mother only went for a short Hike along the Söse to the Vogelstation near the Sösetalsperre. We also started quite late in the Day, around 3pm, so there really was no Time for a longer Journey.

The Söse.

A while ago, we actually lived near where we started out today. Back then, we used to Walk that Route more often. I have not been out there in about two Years though.

We started at the Haus der Jugend in Osterode to head through the Woods towards the Weiße Brücke, which is actually not a White Bridge but a Black One.

From there, we would continue along the Schneiderteichweg to the Vogelstation, and also to the Schneiderteich.

On the Schmeiderteichweg.

The Schneiderteichweg is actually quite a beautiful Path to take. It Leads you all the Way from Osterode to the Vogelstation and a little further on to the Schwarze Brücke Parking Lot. That Bridge is White-ish though, instead of Black. There is also a Camp Ground along the Way if you like Camping.

At the End of the Weg, there are a lot of bare Patches though. The Forest there has not been regrown since a Storm ripped it all up a few Years ago.

There is also an old Blindenheim, or a Recreational Home for the Blind at the Schneiderteich, but that Place has not been in use for a long Time.

At the Blindenheim.

We only spend a brief Time there before we started our Journey back though. It was already late, and the Sun goes down early during these Times.

I do not mind being outdoors in the Dark, but I really dislike it to be in the Forest at Night. Noises get amplified when you can not see a Thing. And the Forest has a lot of Noises.

On the Way, my Brother also showed me a Bark Beetle Pattern on a Piece of Bark. It actually looked really Interesting. But we all know that the Bark Beetle is not a good Thing in these Woods.

A Piece of Bark Beetle Pattern.

After we made it back to the Cars, we then headed for the Graveyard to visit our Grandfathers. It was Germanys Sunday I’d the Dead, or Totensonntag, today after all.

I really do miss both my Grandfathers. I have long lost them both, but they will always will be with me in my Heart.

At the Schneiderteich.

I really enjoy it to go on these Sunday Hikes with my Family. Being Outdoors is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones during these hard Times.

Today’s little Hike to the Vogelstation was no different. I enjoyed it a lot, even though it was quite short.

Spending Time in Nature is always great. And I will continue doing what I love for as long as I can.

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