Kit Lenses.

On my Family Trip to Lübeck last Month, my old 18-55mm Kit Lens plain out refused to work. It was very dirty and I had not been using it in a long Time.

Last Week, I then discovered that most of my absolute favourite Fotos were actually taken with that plasticky Kit Lens, and I decided to make it Work again. All it took was a deep Clean, and it was huffing along once more.

Yesterday on the Schneiderteichweg.

Back in the Day, when I got my first DSLR, it came with a Kit Lens, because you definitely need at least one Lens to be able to shoot anything.

At some Point in between, that first Kit Lens broke. I do not exactly remember how, but I do know that a Ribbon Cable had somehow torn. Instead of going for something better, I just got another 18-55 for 49€ off eBay.

I did that mostly because I was used to that Lens, and because I also did not want to spend all to much Money. I also like the Lens back then.

The Harz from Hattorf.

When I got my 10-18mm Wide Angle Lens last Year though, the 18-55mm kinda fell out of favour. I thought that it was unsharp and not useful at all.

That was not really the Case though. Yes, this Kit Lens is definitely not the sharpest Tool in the Shed, but it is actually quite good for what it is.

The 18-55mm definitely is a Starter Lens, not more, but also not less. It is actually useful for those Focal Lengths between 18 and 50mm though.

The Kit Lens in Köln.

And I was finding myself wanting to Shoot in between those Focal Length lately. 18 was to Wide, but I also did not want to Crop in too far.

And since my 50mm has not been replaced yet, I decided to simply break out the old Faithful again.

I have not been disappointed so far. It had actually been some amount of fun Shooting a little ‘Old School’ again and go back to my Interchangeable Lens Roots.

Fog in the Distance.

The 50mm will still be replaced though. I still miss it a lot, and it was definitely a huge Part of my Creativity. And yes, those two Lenses can coexist just fine in the same Camera Bag. They both cater to different Situations.

I also feel like I have gotten more Creative with the 18-55mm again, it is very different from the 10-18mm I usually have on my Ca,era all the Time, and I really like that.

It will never become my favourite Lens though. It never had been, and I really do not see that Place in my Heart occupied by a General Purpose Lens.

Right now, my 22mm Lens firmly holds that Rank, and the 50mm will probably quickly reclaim it once I have a new one.

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