Blue Hour.

Sunsets are a beautiful Sight. But there is a Thing I like even more, and it comes shortly afterwards: Blue Hour.

As the Name suggests, Blue Hour the the Time where the Sky turns a darker Blue without it actually being Night yet. And my favourite Part of it is the early Blue Hour, when there is actually still a little Orange and Red at the Horizon.

Blue Hour & the Moon.

Today, I kinda got what I wanted in Clausthal. It was not really a perfect Twilight, but it was definitely beautiful.

Twilight is the official Name of the Dual Zone by the Way. It consists of two Light Phases after all.

The Pink in the Sky really was quite faint today, but I was also shooting away from the Sun. It was still lingering in the Treetops, and I did not really want any of it in my Fotos.

A Bench under a Tree.

I do not know why I had the Idea to drive into Clausthal, maybe I had forgotten that my Gym in Lerbach was still locked down, but I ended up there anyways. (I had totally forgotten about the Public Soft-Lockdown here in Germany.)

Clausthal itself has never really been a Place where I took many Fotos. But it’s surroundings are more beautiful and Photogenic. And so I have been there a lot of Times before.*

Today was not much different. I only took a few Fotos on the Outskirts of Clausthal, and you can not even see the City in any of them.

The Moon.

Today I was very Lucky and also got the Moon to be included in my Fotos. I absolutely love it when the Moon shows at Twilight.

It makes it way easier to take Fotos of our little Trabant in the Sky. Usually, it is very Dark when the Moon is out, and you can pretty much not see anything else.

That can also look very beautiful, but I prefer it to have the Moon showing above a still beautifully visible Landscape.

My (Moms) Car at the Road.

One of my favourite Foto Ops in Clausthal is just outside the City Limits when you come from Osterode. There is not that much to see from there, but there is that one Tree Line that I really like.

And I have shot it in many different Conditions. The first Time was in the Snow a few Years back. And since then, I always return. I am definitely not a Regular though.

Maybe I will make a special Post about that Spot one Day.

*There are many beautiful Places in Clausthal, and also in Zellerfeld. They just look better in either normal Daylight or when it is already Darker than it was today.

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