A Conundrum.

I guess I have a Major Photography Problem. And no, I did not lose another Lens. It goes deeper than that.

Lately, I kinda like Long Exposure Photography again, especially with Things like Trains or even Cars moving through the Frame leaving beautiful Light Trails. That is still not my Problem though.

An ICE pulling out of Dortmund.

My Problem is that I absolutely in wholeheartedly despise Full Sized Tripods. They are a hassle to use and just take up so much Space in my Bag.

Then there is also the Weight. And did you know that they are even bigger once deployed?

I would have probably been thrown out the Station had I set up a big Tripod. I used my Baby Tripod on a Sand Box, and that was fine. But I doubt anyone would have liked me taking up a lot of Space in a busy Bahnhof.

In Mönchengladbach.

Last Week in Mönchengladbach, there would not even have been enough Space for one in my Hotel Room. My Miniature Tripod stood on the Window Sill.

I also had no other Choice given the Lens I was using. The would have been to much Room and to little Train on in had I moved the Camera any further from the Window.

A Train in Köln.

I have also managed to shoot Long Exposures without Tripods, but the Conditions have to be right for that. And since EF Lenses stick out from the Bottom of my Canon M5, that does not really work anymore.

And that is where my Conundrum is coming from. I love Long Exposures with Trains, but I really hate Tripods. There, I said it, I hate Tripods.

But I guess I have to use them more again to make my Plans/ Ideas happen.

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