I am still Obsessed with Nature.

I really love Nature. But I have not really been in the deep of it since last Sunday, and I only walked along a Trail with my Family then.

In Fact, the last time I really was in the Thick of It was last Wednesday, November the 18st. That does not mean that I am not Obsessed with Nature anymore, I very much still am. I just did not have that much Time to go anywhere.

Surrounded by Nature at the Oderteich Overflow.

These last two Weeks have been marked by Work, which I absolutely love to do, and Travel for certain specialty Tests, which are necessary for my personal Future.

But in between those Things, there really was not that much Time for all the Hobbies I have. Like Blogging, Photography and FoodTribe.

I did a little of everything, but not a lot of it at the same Time. A Day only has 24 Hours after all, and a Week goes by rather quickly as well.

At the Prinzenteich.

The Harz is not just my Home, it is my Heimat. And as that, it will always be a big Part of who I am.

I have already Pre-Planned several Journeys through the Woods. Maybe I will actually go on one tomorrow. Maybe I will go on another Trip with my Family. Who knows.

The only Fact is that I will spend some, if not a considerable Amount of, Time outdoors in Nature. I just need that to be myself. And no matter where I am in the World, I will always have Nature in me.

Nature in Sweden.

On a more serious Note: Trash is still a Major Problem everywhere, especially where there are no Clean-up Crews around. For Example in the Forest.

I actually feel that it has gotten a bit Worse since People have to wear Masks everywhere. Because those Things take an eternity to Decompose, and they fly around everywhere.

Last Thursday, I saw several in the Bushes when I boarded my Train to Dortmund (via several other Stations) in Osterode. It looked awful. I made me kinda mad. Please dispose of your Masks properly.

A Bunch o Trees.

I really love Nature. And there are a few Things we can do to help it along. Like not leaving Trash. Or not going around breaking Plants out of Fun and disturbing Animals.

Nature is Essential to all Life on Earth. We all need to treat it better. By our Selves, but also Together. We also need to treat each other better. We can only do so much alone.

And you can still buy Forest Stonks from the Landesforsten, so maybe think about that.

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