Back at the Prinzenteich.

Today was a great Day. Work went along beautifully, and so I had a little Time to be out in Nature for a little while.

All I had to do was to figure out where I wanted to go. That was no easy Task, but I ended up at the Prinzenteich in the End. I did not want to drive to far.

At the Teich.

And boy it was Cold. I am pretty sure that the Place was still quite Muddy, because it always is. But that Mud was frozen solid.

Because of that, I did not slip. I did not even dirt up my Shoes all to much. It also felt kinda crunchy under my Feet though.

I really enjoyed the Cold today though. It was just so refreshing.

The Prinzenteich.

I always enjoy it to spend some Time in Nature. It is an awesome way to unwind and settle down for a while.

And even though I have been at the Prinzenteich countless Times, I always like it there. While it is not my favourite Teich near Buntenbock anymore, it lost that Title to the Ziegenberger Teich, it is still beautiful there.

Fallen Trees.

Not a lot of People know this, but a few Years ago, I actually spent most of a Night at the Prinzenteich with a few Friends. That was a good Time.

I also spent several Hours there with my Family. And that is always awesome.

A Speck of Trash.

Off Course there was the everlasting Problem of Wild Trash though. Today, I found Masks and several McDonalds Wrappers as well as a Cup. And the nearest McDonalds is almost 10km away by Car.

Trash in the Forest always makes me kinda Angry. It should not be to hard to carry around an Empty Container of whatever when it was so easy to be lugged around while it was full.

Take your Trash with you when you leave the Forest. It really is that easy to avoid turning Nature into a Dump.

‘Alpenglühen’ on the Trees.

The most beautiful Thing in the Mountains is Alpenglühen, or Alpenglow. It is when the light of the Rising or Setting Sun hits just the Tips of the Mountains, or in this Case the Trees without the Sun itself being visible.

And it really does look awesome. Even though I am unsure if I actually Captured it today. Per Definition it only can be called Alpenglühen when it happens in Alpine Mountains n

Framed by Nature.

Lately, I not only like it to Spend Time in Nature and take Fotos in it. I actually prefer it to Frame my Fotos in Nature itself.

That can look very awesome, and the Foto above actually is my Favourite of Today.

I really like how the Spruce Branches frame the Dam and the Bridge at the Teich. It looks beautiful. Or at least I think so.

My favourite Tree.

My favourite Tree in the Area was off Course still standing there, but it also still featured its Autumn Dress, even though the Colours did not Pop as much anymore.

All it needs is a Person standing under it, and a beautiful Foto would be born.

A Bridge in the Woods.

I had a great Time at the Prinzenteich today, even though it really was freezing cold.

On the Way there, I also almost got wiped off the Road by a Wood Transport. Those Guys really drive like Madmen.

It is always great to spend some Time in the Harz. I really do love the Area a lot.

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