Wintery Woods.

Yesterday, it snowed a little in the Harz. But I was in Berlin yesterday, and so I decided to go up to Buntenbock today. Most of the Snow was gone already though.

There was however some of the White Goodness left in the Woods. It was very beautiful. And also very Cold.

A little Snow on a mossy Branch.

The Harz around Buntenbock is really beautiful pretty much any Time of the Year, but today it was exceptionally so.

But since I did not have much Time to Spare, I just walked around the Hasenbacher Teich a little. I have not been there since September, but I had actually thought that it had been longer.

Back then it was obviously still Summer and warm, but I also enjoyed the Cold a lot today.

The Hasenbacher Teich.

From afar, the Teich looked like it was Frosted over a little, but when I came closer I noticed that it was not.

In Fact, the Water was just extremely Still because there was absolutely no Wind at all. And it looked awesome.

I would have liked the Water to be frozen a lot though. Ice makes awesome Sounds when it is thick enough.

An old Log.

The Woods at the Hasenbacher Teich are really deep green and full of Moss. There are also a lot of dead Logs lying around and rotting away.

But dead Logs are not actually all that dead. They contain loads of Life. Like Insects and Bacteria. That Way, they give all their Energy back to the Woods they were once Part off.

Those fallen Trees play an important Role in the Ecosystem that is the natural Forest.

Along the Teich.

I absolutely love Snow in Nature. It is one of the most beautiful Things there is about Winter.

I also really despise Snow on the Roads though. It is not that easy to drive on, and it turns into an ugly grey Mush as soon as it is more than a few Hours old. It really looks disgusting.

But when it just fell down from the Sky, it is extremely beautiful. I like it when everything is Nice and Powdered. And sometimes, I even enjoy the accompanying Cold.

Snow & Ice.

Because Parts of the Path from the Parking Lot to the Teich were still covered in some Snow, and lots of Ice, I almost slipped several Times. Luckily there where some big Pebbles sticking out of the Snow that kept me from doing so.

Also, I only ever slipped in the Mud, never on Ice or Snow. Not even in Icy British Columbia. Except for once. But that was on muddy Snow. So it does not count.

A beautiful Tree Stump.

As always, I very much enjoyed it to spend some Time in Nature today. I will always love that. It is a great Way to Ground yourself and reconnect with the World.

That is also why I left my Phone in the Car today and only took my Camera. Because I really can not go anywhere Outdoors without my Camera.

And I am looking forward for some real snowy Landscapes this Winter. I think we might get lucky this Time around.

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