My favourite Winter Fotos.

I absolutely do love Winter. It is cold, and the Snow can be a Mess. But also there is Snow! And it looks awesome on the Trees and Mountains here in the Harz.

Over the Years, I have done a lot of Winter Photography. And Winter is slowly but surely coming back, I thought that I would just share my All-Time Favourite Fotos on here. They are not all from the Harz though.

Sweden | December 2018

Two Years ago, I had the Pleasure of visiting some Friends in the middle of Sweden. And even better, I got to visit during the Winter Time.

While there really was not much Daylight available, it was absolutely amazing at the same Time. Also, there was just sow much Snow!

I took a lot of beautiful Fotos there, and then I forgot my SD Card on my Friends Kitchen Table when I left. Luckily, they posted it back to me the same Day.

Nationalpark Harz | January 2019

Just a few Weeks later, I then took the Brockenbahn up to the Brocken. It was very Expensive, but the Weather was great and I believe it was definitely worth the 43€.

I also was able to Capture one of my absolute favourite Fotos on the Brocken. And I did not even like it in the Beginning because there was a Person in it.

Now I think that the Red-Coated Stranger definitely contributes to the Foto massively. He was, and still is not, the Focus of the Foto, but a little Colour never hurt anyone.

Sankt Andreasberg | March 2020

This March, while Hiking through the Harz near Sankt Andreasberg, I got caught in a sudden downpour of Snow. It also got very Windy and extremely Cold very quickly.

Before that, I collected two Wandernadel Stempel and was able to capture some beautifully snowy Landscapes deep in the Woods.

And this one definitely was my Favourite. And I still love it a lot. Snow in the Woods is one of the most beautiful Things. There are no Cars and few People to ruin the Picture.

Lerbach | December 2017

This Foto from Lerbach shows Winter in the Harz exceptionally Well. Most of the Times, Services just do not manage to clear the Roads in Time.

That has not really happened the last two Years, but only because there usually was not that much Snow, or it did not stick around for too long.

For this Year, I am still hopeful for some real Snowfall though. I am not that excited to Drive in it though. That really is not a lot of fun.

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