Outdoor Photography is awesome, but you usually find the best Places way Off-Road. And off Course you also need to get your Gear out to where you want to Shoot.

In my own Opinion, Backpacks are the best Way to lug Tons of Gear around. Even though I prefer to pack light, it is nice to know that you could fit more if needed.

My semi-current Backpack.

Last Year, I switched to a smaller, yet extremely modular, Backpack from my big Lowepro Camera Bag. That Thing was just to heavy and also bulky to carry around all the Time.

But since I am recently Travelling a lot to take Tests, I semi-switched back to, but only because the smaller Backpack does not fit my Laptop at all. It also does not hold my little Tablet when my Camera is also in it.

And I always bring my Camera. I am kinda looking at a another Solution though. It costs 50€ and would probably fit my Laptop/ Tablet as well as some Papers and my Camera with maybe and additional small Lens.

Algae at the Prinzenteich.

Off Course looks are also important for Backpacks. They are also Accessories after all.

For me it is important that a Backpack looks good but is also kinda inconspicuous. I want to look kinda Professional without actually catching any Attention. That is especially important in Nature.

Bright Colours go very well with green Forests, but they also do not go that well with any Wildlife you might encounter. And I kinda want go Animal Watching at some Point.

At the Achtermannshöhe.

Another crucial Aspect is Built Quality. When you carry your gear n your Back all Day long, you want a Comfortable Backpack.

It would also be really bad if all your Gear or whatever you haul along would fall out on the Road, so the Rucksack also needs to be Sturdy and well put together.

Also, good Quality Materials are important. The Stitching might be good, but if the Fabric failes, the Results are the same.

In the Harz.

There are many Ways that Backpacks open and close. Like Zippers, Hooks, or even Rolltops.

While I can not get behind Rolltops, Zippers have proven themselves over Decades. I am also partial to a nice Hook Closure though. I think it could speed up Access.

Because of that, I would probably only use such a Backpack in Nature though. I have never been robbed, but I am always aware of Pick Pockets when I am travelling. And they are sneaky.

In the WeltWald.

Backpacks are a great Way to carry around your Gear, but they have to be well Made and have an adequate Size for whatever you want to do.

They also have to be Comfortable and well Made so that you can carry them around all Day and they also do not just fall apart. They should also not look all to bad, while also not loudly giving you away. (Especially in Nature.)

Also, they should not be all to heavy empty, so that you can put more Stuff inside them.

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