Spare Memory Cards

A while ago, I forgot all my Spare Batteries at Home, and the one that was in my Camera was empty as well. But Memory Cards, preferably of the Kind your Camera takes, are just as important.

Once, I totally forgot one of my SD Cards on a Friends Kitchen Table in Sweden. Luckily, I had Spares and it was also Posted after me on the same Day. I was lucky though.

Somewhere in Sweden.

Without Memory Cards, modern Cameras just can not Shoot at all. Some still release their Shutter, but obviously nothing is saved anywhere.

Back in the Day, at least Compact Cameras had a little internal Storage, but that usually was only enough for about 3-4 Fotos at max. Modern Cameras just have Buffers so that you can shoot more Frames faster.

Sometimes, SD Cards also fail, and then you also need another one to continue Shooting. You can only hope to recover any Files when they have not been overwritten yet. That is what is cool about dual Card Slots. My Camera only has one though.

A recovered Foto.

One Time, I had to Recover a whole lot of Fotos I took at the Oderteich. I have not used that SD Card since, in Case I ever get a Recovery Software that can bring back more than just 2GBs. That really is not much when shooting RAW.

It really was a huge Shock when I discovered that all my Files were suddenly gone when I got Home from an Afternoon at the Oderteich.

I spent Hours trying to find a Free Recovery Software, hence the 2GB Limit. I did not want to Pay 200$ for a Software I was hopefully only going to use once. And I have not used it since.

At the Entensumpf.

Backing up your SD Cards is also very important, but that is a Story for another Day.

There are a lot of good SD Card Cases out there, but I also had really bad ones. Right now, I use one from SmallRig, but the easiest way to Store your extra Memory is to use a Lens End Cap and a Body Cap, they interlock and create a small Space in between them.

I also have some SD Cards stowed away that way.

In Hahnenklee.

Spare Memory Cards are just as important as Spare Batteries. You just can not shoot without either of the Two.

I absolutely love Photography, and there are certain Things you need to have to be able to actually Shoot away. And sometimes, I forgot about some of those Things.

That is why I am writing about bringing Spare Stuff. It is easy to forget Things, and maybe this can help someone not to.

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