The Okertal.

Since I do not have to Work this Week, and after finally putting on some Winter Tires yesterday, I decided to drive into the Harz and do a little Exploring.

My original Location fell out, because there the Fog there was way to Dense. You could not see much even if you wanted to.

In the Okertal.

Luckily, I had a great Backup Location though: The Okertal. It is so beautiful, the Area actually made my personal Top 3.

The Okertal stretches all the Way from the Okertalsperre towards Oker near Goslar. It is super Rocky, Rugged and Awesome. In the Summer, and I guess also during the Winter, when there is no Ice, there are a lot of Activities that you can do in the Okertal.

Like Free Climbing and White Water Kayaking. Personally, I prefer Hiking though. And there are a Number of Wandernadel Stempel available. I have one of those, from the Verlobungsinsel.

The Okertalsperre.

The Okertalsperre itself is also very beautiful and full of Activity again. When there is enough Water in the Talsperre, there is also a Circle Line going around with an actual Ship!

You can also rent Kanus, Kayaks and small Sailboats though, and that might be a lot of fun.

The Verlobungsinsel.

Personally, I prefer the Okertal though. I just love it how the Water flows between all the Rocks and Boulders.

Today, there was actually some Water flowing down the Oker, but it was not all to much, and the Flow was very Calm. It still looked Awesome though.

Sadly, I did not bring my Rubber Boots. Otherwise, I would have probably crossed over to the Verlobungsinsel itself. I already have that Stempel, but there is a great looking Bridge leading to the Island from the other Side.

The Bridge is on the Left.

A few short Days ago, there was actual Snow lying in the Okertal. It was all gone today though. There where absolutely no remains of it anywhere. And I would have loved that.

Maybe I will get to have some Adventures in a true Winter Wonderland this Year still though. It is currently kinda looking like that is a strong Possibility.

The Waterfall.

On the Way from the Okertalsperre to the Verlobungsinsel lies the Königreich Romkerhalle. Usually, I would have started my Journey to the Island from there.

Today I only stopped to take a few Fotos of the Waterfall though. It is artificial, but it still looks good. Usually the Water falls in a thin Stream, today it was being blown all over the Place though. It was actually quite Windy.

The Dam.

I really love the Okertal. It is definitely one of my favourite Areas in the Harz and definitely has earned its Top 3 Spot on my personal List.

I really enjoyed my Time there today, even if it really was not my first Choice for today. Maybe I will get to go to that Place on Thursday.

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