Using a Tripod.

I really do not like it to use Tripods, they are big, bulky and take some Time to set up and adjust Properly. To me, Tripods are generally a Pain.

But yesterday, I actually brought my old Manfrotto Befree into the Okertal to just give it a Shot. I thought that I might be able to Work with it. Or at least I tried to find a Way around my Conundrum.

In the Okertal.

On any other Day, I would no have cared much about the high ISO, 5000, my Camera was suggesting. Since I wanted to give Tripod Photography a Shot though, I chose to limit it to ISO 100 though.

That led to an average Exposure of 1-2 Seconds, what really was not all to much. It still was to much to be shot Handheld though. I tried, it looked really bad.

And so I set up my Tripod on a Boulder in the Oker and started to search for Compositions.

My Tripod on the Rocks.

The good Thing about that Tripod I used is that it is actually quite flexible but also sturdy enough for most Situations. You also can get fairly close to the Ground.

And I have to say, it was not that bad of an Experience. I still did not really enjoy it, but the Tripod slowed me down. And that might actually have been a good Thing.

Sometimes I feel like I go through beautiful Places to fast taking Fotos. So I might actually bring the Legs along more often in the Future. But since they are also heavy, I might actually not do that.

A low Shot.

Usually, Photographers use slower Shutter Speeds to smooth out the Water. Yesterday in the Okertal, that really was not the Case though. The Water was unreal Smooth from the get go.

Also, my editing brought the Noise I tried to avoid at ISO 100 back a little bit. I had to bring back some of the Rocks that were a little Underexposed.

But that is okay, I still really love the Fotos I got.

The Oker.

Up until yesterday I really hated Tripods. I did not like it to use them, or to carry them around all the Time. The only exception was my little Table Top Pixie.

Now I am not all to sure how to feel about Tripods. Image Quality definitely is better when you can Expose for longer in those Low Light Situations you are usually confronted to in the Woods.

But my gripes about Tripods are also still very much there and true. The Size and Weight Thing did not Change over Night. The Tripods I have are still relatively heavy. They are also bulky and do not fit into any of my Backpacks.

My Camera on the Tripod.

The biggest Problem INHAD with my Tripod yesterday though was that my Camera Strap was wrapping itself around it constantly. I could have taken it off before, but I had forgotten to do that. So that really was on me.

Also, the Befree could have a better Ball Head. That thing moves in all the Directions when you loosen its Screw.

But my biggest Problem is that I still do not like Tripods all to much. I despise them a little less now, but I am definitely not a Fan. Sand so for now, my Conundrum remains unsolved.

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