A foggy Afternoon at the Oderteich.

After replacing the Oderteich with the Okertal last Monday because of the Weather, I finally made it there today. It was still very Foggy, but it looked really awesome with all the Snow.

I absolutely love it to visit the Oderteich, and it is one of my personal Favourites in the Harz. It actually also looks really great in the Fog. Even though there was a little much of it today.

Snow & Fog at the Oderteich.

Because of all the Fog, I did not shoot the Wide Views at the Oderteich. The did not make much Sense today.

So I instead focused on the little Details, like Boulders in the Teich. Or the Shoreline framed by some Trees. When you can not see much, you have to Capture that what you actually can see.

But it all still looked extremely awesome with all the Snow that was had fallen in the Harz. I also believe that the Teich was a little frozen already, but the Ice was still to thin to make any awesome Noises.

So much Fog.

Since there were some People at the Beach Area, and also because it was starting to get darker already, I did not actually Hike around the Teich like I had planned, but just walked across the Dam.

There, it was even Foggier and there were even more People around. So I really did not stick around for to long.

Also, there was a Stroller just standing around further down the Path, so I really did not want to stick around for long.

The frozen Shoreline.

I then actually crossed the Dam and walked down to its Base, where I had never been before. The was no Water running down the Shute, but I think that was good.

Otherwise, the narrow Staircase leading down the Side of the Dam would have probably been covered in Ice.

On that Staircase, I also forced myself to use my Tripod again. And I have to admit that I did not hate it. I also did not really enjoy that experience though. Also, those Fotos turned out extremely Dark, despite my Camera accidentally being set to Over Expose by a 1/3 Stop.

On the other Side of the Dam.

While the Stairs leading down were actually quite manageable, mostly because I had the right Shoes on, the Way up was way harder.

That Set of Stairs was extremely steep and very slippery. It was made from Stone instead of Wood, and there was a little Ice on it. But I got up it without a hitch.

And from there, it was only a short Walk back to the Car, where I had to warm up for a while. Mostly because I had forgotten my Scarf, but also because it suddenly turned from mildly Cold to absolutely Freezing.

The Staircase down.

I also looked for the Window into the Woods put up by the Landesforsten, but that Thing must be standing further along the Trail around the Oderteich. So I did not find it today.

But since the Oderteich is one of my absolute favourite Locations in the Harz, I will probably find it sooner or later. And maybe, there is no Fog when I actually do.

I guess it will still be Winter when I go back to the Oderteich. I still want to Film/ Record the awesome Ice Sounds.

A Boulder in the Teich.

The Oderteich is always worth a Visit, and in this Case I actually mean it. That Place is extremely Beautiful, and it also has a lot to offer.

You can go Hiking, Swimming and Mountain-Biking there, as long as you stay on the Trail. In the Winter, you can also go Cross-Country Skiing on a prepared Loipe. I have never done that though.

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