‘Winter’ at the Entensumpf.

After having an awesome Afternoon at the Oderteich yesterday, and also because I still have some Vacation Days to rid myself of, I decided to visit the Entensumpf again today.

Even though that Place did not make my Top 3 of the Harz this Year, I still love it there. Or I used to love it there. A lot of Beetle Trees have been cut since I last was there, and the Area looked kinda sad.

The frozen Entensumpf.

Also, the was just a little bit of Snow left. It still looked beautiful, but a more of the white Goodness would have been nice. I really love freshly fallen Powder.

Contrary to the Oderteich, the Entensumpf was almost entirely Frozen over though. And it also made a little bit of the Noise that I love so much when I threw a little Stick onto the Ice.

It sounds a little bit like an Echo coming through the Vacuum of Space, if you could here that. Or at least that is what I imagine it would sound like.

The unfrozen Part.

A Part of the Entensumpf was also unfrozen, and the Transition actually looked really nice. The Foto did not really turn out though. You just can not really see much of it.

On the other Side of the Teich, where there are still all the Trees standing, there was pretty much no Snow at all. I guess the Trees kept it from hitting the Ground at all.

It will still take a while, if it happens this Year, until everything is covered up in White. But I am still hopeful for that. Mostly because I really want to shoot some nice Fotos of it.

In the Woods.

Today, I forced myself to use my Tripod once more, and I think it works. My deep hatred for those Three Legged Things seems to be fading little by little. It is also not gone yet though.

I also used my Rubber Boots again, it was Cold, but I was able to go where I would not have been able to go otherwise. Some Places where surprisingly Muddy still. But I guess that lies in the Name of the Place.

The next Time I will bring more Socks though. To bring me warmth.

A snowy Patch.

The Innerste is a small River that runs all the Way through the Harz towards Langelsheim. It actually starts at the Entensumpf, then runs through most of the Buntenbocker Teiche and then through the Innerstetal.

There is also a Talsperre, but I have not been there in quite a while. It is supposedly beautiful though.

Maybe I should go there next Weekend.

An old school ‘Window into the Woods’.

At the Entensumpf, there is also a blue Window Frame, or a Window into the Woods. Those are supposed to help You visualize the Changes that happen in Nature every Day.

They are a great Way to see the Effects of Climate Change, the Bark Beetle and regular Changes that the Forest is undergoing right now.

Those Windows also showcase the Beauty of the Harz. There are some in many Places, but the one at the Entensumpf is one of my Favourites. I absolutely love it.

The Window from the Entensumpf.

Spending Time in Nature will always be a big Part of me. I love it to discover Places and learn about what is happening.

It is also dry awesome to Explore the Changes Places undergo over Time. That is why I tend to return to Places I have already visited after a while. I think I have been at the Entensumpf four or five Times this Year.

I am definitely exited for what this Winter might bring. This Year really has not been a good Year, but maybe we will at least get a decent Winter out of it.

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