The Importance of Composition.

I love Nature. I also really enjoy Photography. And I am even happier when I am able to Combine those Things. That is a lot of fun.

A while ago, I wrote about Compositions and how a well Framed Foto is one Step further into becoming a good, or even great One. And that is definitely still True.

A snowy Tree Frame at the Oderteich.

Wide Vistas can look awesome by themselves, but I myself prefer more intricate Compositions that have to be Found first.

Finding those Compositions is what makes Fotos stand out more. It also separates one Photographer from the next. Off Course it can still happen that some Fotos end up look similar, but everyone has a different Set of Eyes.

A great Tool to Achieve that Uniqueness is to Frame your Composition with Nature. Trees are awesome for that, but you can use a lot of other Things as well.

A frozen Puddle.

Most Fotos are shot roughly straight ahead, but sometimes, it can look really awesome to shoot straight down as well.

There are so many beautiful Things on the Ground that other Photographers just do not see because they do not look down at their Feet. And that is a pity.

But I am also guilty of that myself. I would have never captured that beautiful icy Puddle if I had not dropped my Lens Cap right next to it. Sometimes, it really is a good Idea to look down.

On the Brocken.

The Rule of Thirds is a great Compositional Tool, but sometimes, you just have to get rid of that. But to do that, it is definitely good to understand what that Rule means and why it is there.

I myself use that archaic Rule all the Time, because truth be told, it can look really good. At other Times, it does not Work at all though. Also, following the Rule of Thirds does not make your Fotos look good all by itself. It can definitely help though.

Most of the Fotos I really like do not follow it though. Art is also about breaking the Rules after all.

At the Oderteich in January.

NonMatter what you Shoot, Composition is definitely Key. It separates a Foto from a mere Snapshot if you know what you are doing.

Composition is also not everything though. If there is nothing Interesting or at least cool Looking in your Frame, a nice Composition still will not make a good Foto. Sometimes, I struggle with that.

I also still have not fully grasped the Concept of Leading Lines. I know what they are meant to do, but I rarely ever consciously use them in my Photography. But Live is all about Learning and Improving yourself, and that is what I always strive to do.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Composition.”

  1. Great post! I certainly do find myself thinking about the rule of thirds more than I should. It is hard for any photographer to not focus on these rules. I certainly agree that it is better to think about the overall photo without any rules but still use them when it is beneficial to the photos quality.


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