I really love it to spend Time in the Forest. It is a great Way to escape from the World and just be for a while. The Forest puts everything in Perspective with its Sounds, Smells and Feels.

I always knew that Exploring the Forest is good for your Mental Well-being, and now I found out that there is an actual Word for that. Waldbaden.

A mossy Tree.

Now I have have had a real Waldbaden Session, that would go way further than I ever did, I definitely come close everything I just spend some Amount of Time in the Woods not doing much at all.

I usually do not go Barefooted though, and feeling Nature is a huge Part of Waldbaden. I love it to Touch Nature, but I definitely prefer it to leave my Shoes on usually.

Maybe I will have to give that whole No-Shoe Thing a try to truly experience Nature, but I just do not really like that usually.

A Tree Branch.

Waldbaden is also about the Smells though. A lot of Trees release their own Etheric Oils, and those are good for you.

The Smell of the Woods always relaxes me and makes me feel like I am at Home.

It also just Smells really good.

Flowing Water.

Listening to Nature is yet another important aspect of Waldbaden. Every Forest has its own unique Sound Scene.

There are Crickets and other Animals as well as cracking Trees and beautiful babbling Brooks. Those really take the Stress away for a while and make everything else a little more relative.

There are also some amazing ASMR Songs that are just Nature Recordings mixed together. I absolutely love it to fall asleep to those.

At the Prinzenteich.

All those Things are Aspects of Waldbaden that I always enjoyed. I just never knew that there was an actual Word for it. And that Word does make a lot of Sense to me.

Smells, Sounds and Feels are an important Part of experiencing Life in General, but they are also paramount for Unwinding in Nature. Otherwise, one could just use a Sensory Deprivation Chamber. And I am definitely not into those.

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