My Year 2020.

I always loved it to Travel and Explore new Places. Sadly, that was not really a Possibility this Year for obvious Reasons.

I was able to visit Lübeck with my Family and I also went on a few Day Trips for ‘Professional’ Reasons, but that all also kinda felt a little Weird.

In Düsseldorf.

Lübeck was great, because I got to visit the Home of German Marzipan with my Family. I enjoyed the Trip.

But it was also a little Weird because of all the omnipresent Restrictions that are in Place right now. And those were less strict in October.

Also, some of my other Plans totally fell into the Water because of that still ongoing Situation. But I guess that happened everywhere and to pretty much anyone.

At the Sösetalsperre.

Luckily, being out in Nature was still allowed here in Germany for the most Part. And I definitely took a little Advantage of that. I visited several Places in the Harz. I did not get all too many Wandernadel Stempel though, because it was also very warm.

I also got to go on a few distanced Hikes with my Family. And that was really awesome. I also only got a few new Stempel that Way, but sometimes the Journey is the Goal after all.

That is especially True with Hiking, or at least it is for me. There usually is no real Destination when going Hiking. You usually just go in a Loop to and from your Starting Point.

At the Prinzenteich.

This Year had actually started off quite nicely for me. I levelled up my Wandernadel many Times. I also had a Job that I really loved, and that I luckily still have.

But then in March, it kinda all turned. I had Plans to visit Munich for the very first Time in my Life, but that did not happen.

In Fact, a lot of Things did not happen this Year that should have and vice versa.

My favourite Foto of the Year.

The Year 2020 really was one for the Dump, but I guess that means that Things can only get better from now on. Or everything gets worse. Who Knows.

I am looking forward to 2021, and for now I will blindly believe that Things will get better over Time.

Also, thanks for visiting my Blog. I do not make anything off that, but it is a lot of fun to just Write something every now and then.

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